Benefits Of Sustainable Resources For Our Planet

Posted on Jul 25 2016 - 10:49am by admin

Ask anyone what the answer to our rapidly decreasing pool of resources is, and they’ll say one word.

Alternative Energies


Full sustainability will allow our planet to be self sufficient, and no longer reliant on the pool of foods and fuels that’s running out fast.

But many people still aren’t convinced of all the benefits here. Some would argue that the reason we aren’t fully sustainable yet is that it’s not truly possible. We need fossil fuels and the like, to survive.

But many would argue the opposite. We’re already seeing many sustainable systems come through, like solar power and food growth. We’re almost there, and it would do our planet a lot of good.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability, or a sustainable resource, is a system that allows us to live in the present without ruining the future. Sustainable foods like farmed salmon allow us to feed our world without sacrificing the ability for future generations to do so.

In short, sustainability is key to a thriving future. In order to survive and continue as a species, we have to find ways to make things last. This includes everything from energy to fluids to yes, food. Anything we need to survive must be prolonged where possible.

With this in mind, here are all the benefits we gain from as many people as possible switching to sustainable!

Stagnant energy prices

Just look at it this way. If all the energy in the world was sustainable, why would you need to pay out high energy bills? Sustainable energy requires little human work, and that means less money is needed in that industry.

And these savings get passed onto you, the consumer. And ultimately, we’ll all be better off! Less energy bills to pay means more money for leisure time and luxuries. Quality of life is likely to increase.

Improved health

Around 800 million people in the world do not have enough food to live on. They’re alive, but they’re not truly… living. In the world’s developed countries, this is not a problem, but for millions of families food and health are big issues.

But imagine if the world’s food were sustainable? Imagine if we had an unlimited supply of certain products? There’s be enough for everyone! It’s not a million miles away from happening either. Even something as basic as crops is a sustainable food source.

Less emissions

Our existence is loading the atmosphere with CO2. This increases Earth’s temperature, melting ice caps along the way.

Sustainable sources, on the other hand, contain no such issues. With less CO2 emissions, the planet will become healthier and certain environments will thrive.

Even something as basic as using electricity can cause emissions. For you to read this very post, some emissions will have been emitted. Because we can’t live without them, carbon dioxide is only an issue we can fix by going sustainable.

So, to conclude, it is possible for you to change the world. Consider switching to solar power, or ditching the fossil fuels. Every little change is another small piece slotted in the sustainability jigsaw.

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