6 tips to search rental apartment in Delhi

Posted on Jul 10 2015 - 11:53am by admin

If you are moving to the city Delhi for the first time, it would be a bit difficult for you to find a rented house, to stay with your family. If you have any of your family, friends or colleagues, you must ask them to provide information on rented homes available near to their house. Most times you will get confused after seeing all the options available and you may end up choosing an apartment which may not give you the comfort you need. While searching apartments in real estate Kolkata, you must first make a checklist of your priorities and consider choosing an apartment for rent based on it. From cost to convenience, there are lots of things you must consider before you sign the lease agreement. Here are given 6 tips to be kept in mind before you start house hunting in Delhi.

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Stay on your budget

When looking for a new place to move in, you will get lots of options varying from big apartments to mid size home. You must have a budget, how much you can really afford. People dream big, but it is not necessary, you would be able to afford it. It may push you to face financial problems as time goes on. So prepare a budget and stick on the budget, selecting a house to live in Delhi.

Check the amenities available

Most apartments available now on rent will have basic amenities, but still there are certain things you must check before you finalize an apartment to live in. Near to the apartment, you must check whether there are shops, parks, hospitals, schools and transportation available. You must select a home either near to your office or to near to the school. The amenities you have within the apartment can also increase the rent of the house. So you must give importance only to few amenities you really need and you would be required to compromise on few other needs, if the location you have chosen is good.

Buying or renting

Buying an apartment will help you to save money in the long run. Rent keeps on fluctuating over time and you will be required to pay high rent each year. A mortgage payment 15 to 20 years can make budgeting easier and once you repay the loan amount, the house will become yours. If you are moving across the country as a part of your job, purchasing a home won’t be a wise decision. If you are not familiar with the place, you may not feel comfortable living there away from your relatives. If you are looking to make an investment for the future, then purchasing a home would remain a good choice. When you rent apartment maintenance is provided, so it will save your time and don’t have to think about how to get the maintenance work done.

Perfect neighborhood

Before you sign a lease, you must check for your neighborhood. You must know who your neighbors are. Visit the area different times to get a feel of usual activity and noise level. You must talk to your neighbors. If you neglect such things, you may end up facing troubles in future. If bachelors are living next door, during weekends when they party, due to the noise it may prevent you from getting sleep.

Do a final walk through

You shouldn’t sign the lease until you don’t check out everything within the apartment. Previous tenants may have caused damage and you need to be sure you are not responsible for such issues. Turn on light, flush the toilet, check for cupboard and storage spaces and examine the floor before you sign the lease.

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