Which Is Better for You–Android, Windows, Blackberry, or iOS?

Posted on Jun 30 2016 - 8:19am by admin

Smartphones have become a necessity nowadays. As more consumers prefer these devices, the manufacturers are adding the functionalities they offer to them. Customers choose phones for a variety of reasons. Some users look for a “business partner” opting for the robust enterprise solutions and privacy offered by Blackberry and Windows phones. Other people prefer the flexibility of software and hardware provided by Android phones. There are also those that prefer simple but powerful and innovative products such as the iPhone. At the end of the day, the operating system (OS) is key to the nature of applications and tools a particular phone model can hold.

Android, Windows, Blackberry, or iOSBlackBerry OS devices

BlackBerry has the largest market share for corporate users and native support for MIDP 1.0 and 2.0. Regarding security controls, BlackBerry totally wins this competition with a high degree of security and control. It is the major selling point for the OS where data can be completely encrypted and application abilities restricted.

Android OS devices

Google develops the Android OS, and the most widely used devices are phones and tablets. Android devices are less expensive, and the devices are produced by different manufacturers targeting the operating systems.

Open Source Code – the reason Android device users have access to many third-party apps and accessories is that the OS is an open source which allows developers to develop third-party applications for the devices.

Security concerns – despite having many applications and users in the market, it is the type of OS which many people fear could have security issues as updates have to be made for each phone manufacturer, carrier and phone model.

Apple iOS

Developed by Apple Inc., it is an OS that has had success in the wearable devices industry.

Tighter controls – Apple exercises tighter controls of applications into its App Store. Updates are installed relatively slow, but users cannot patch the vulnerabilities until Apple releases he updates.

New features – the new iOS 5 offers a notification center which is a new app allowing users to access and manage all their notifications in one place. The OS offers many features which the users can enjoy.

Less Flexible – Apple devices have added security at the price of less flexibility. The OS works with a Unix platform that offers the same features like laptop and desktop except being a touch-based OS.

Windows phones

When you pick a Windows device, the first thing that should come to your mind is the Microsoft office mobile. A vast majority of businesses in U.S. work in Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Exchange. The windows phone 7, 8, 8.1, and the new Windows 10 have Microsoft office as the one thing in common. The latest Windows 10 has office tiles that are easy to work with and can be synced using SharePoint. The successful office products make Microsoft the best phone for business people.


Ultimately, the choice of smartphone you like depends highly on what you want to do with it and the accessibility of various phone accessories. With the revolution of online shopping a reality everywhere in the world, you can purchase online for the smartphone of your choice at shop smart and also buy the accessories you want to make your smartphone perform better.

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