Which Gadgets Should You Be Buying This Year?

Posted on Jul 31 2015 - 6:07am by admin

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE gadgets! Anyone that knows me will tell you I’m the biggest gadget geek around! The brilliant thing about gadgets is that they help us to be more efficient in our lives. One downside for technophobes is that gadgets are something that can seldom get avoided!

So, whether you like it or not, gadgets are here to stay. If you’re someone that is afraid of change, you will perhaps hate using modern gadgets in your life. But, they aren’t things set out to make your life a misery. It’s good to broaden one’s horizons from a technology perspective.


Why? Well, it’s simple. There might be a case where you’ll have to rely on a gadget to help you out of a sticky situation! And who doesn’t want to use things that make our lives easier? I know I do! So, on that note, here’s a few gadget examples you need to consider buying this year:


Are you rocking around with your trusty Nokia 8210? If so, you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that you need an upgrade! Today’s mobile devices are smartphones. But, what makes them so “smart”?

Well, for a start, they do plenty more things than let you call or text people. In essence, they are like mini laptop computers! You can use them to email people, surf the web and view multimedia content on the go.

If you run a business, for instance, they are an essential tool that any entrepreneur should have! And what if you’ve got family and friends that live abroad? You can use smartphones to have video conversations with them over wireless Internet.

3D Pen

Do you like drawing stuff? And do you enjoy making things too? Well, did you know that you can combine the best of both worlds? Tomorrow’s technology has arrived today – and it’s in the form of a 3D pen!

In a nutshell, 3D pens use ABS plastic that gets heated up and extruded at the same time. You direct where the plastic flows, and it hardens as soon as it flows out of the pen.

It’s a bit like applying icing to a cake. Except you are applying plastic to just about anything! Think of all the cool things you could make… 3D models of the Eiffel Tower or artwork. The possibilities are endless!

Smart TV

If you’ve got an ancient CRT television at home, you need to recycle it RIGHT NOW! That’s because those “old-school” TVs are inefficient and have poor quality resolutions.

Today’s “smart” TVs are, in essence, flat-panel LCD/LED designs. They use little power, and you can use them as more than just a TV. For example, smart TVs let you surf the Web, play music and videos, and more.

Home Cinema Projector

Last, but not least, you ought to consider getting a projector if you’re setting up a home cinema.

Yes, you can get TVs with huge screens on them! But, if you want the authentic cinema experience at home, I recommend a projector.

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