This Touchscreen Deadbolt From Kwikset Is Keyway-Less

Posted on Oct 28 2016 - 7:30pm by David Gregorio

Kwikset unveiled the company’s first keyway-less touchscreen deadbolt at ISC West 2016. This new Smart deadbolt will definitely take on a much different appearance than Kevo. Its design is more modern and will easily integrate into any existing décor, plus it’ll add a bit of elegance to the aesthetics of your home. There is no doubt that the Keyway-less Smart lock will hit the market by storm.

Eliminating the keyway has allowed Kwikset to create what the company calls ‘a visually striking, and cutting-edge touchscreen deadbolt’ that merges a sleek and modern exterior, a small all-metal interior, and advanced electronic and mechanical security features. The removal of the keyway also takes away the threat of ‘lock bumping’ and ‘lock-picking.’ In the unlikely event the four AA batteries run out of power, backup power can be supplied via a 9V battery.


keyway-less touchscreen deadbolt

This keyway-less deadbolt is integrated with the new 500 Series Z-Wave chip, which will provide an extended wireless range. The most notable feature is the patent-pending SecureScreen, which enhances the security of the lock. If you’re familiar with keypad entry door locks, you definitely know how vulnerable they become, when an oily residual builds up on the touchscreen surface. The oil is from your fingertips and will only be found on the keys codes which are most often utilized to gain entry into your home. The SecureScreen is designed to disguise the oily residual, so burglars are now unable to detect the most frequently used keys.

Pricing for these products are yet to be determined, but they’re scheduled to hit the market later this year.

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