OfCom fails to provide 4G in UK until 2015

Posted on Dec 18 2011 - 7:57am by admin
No 4G in Britain till 2015

No 4G in Britain till 2015

Office of Communications (Ofcom) has launched the regularity Draft 2012/13 Annual Plan in which it is mentioned that the 4G (next-generation mobile networks) won’t be “widely available” in United Kingdom till 2015 at least.4G networks will utilize 800MHz to 2.6GHz radio spectrums to offer faster mobile broadband services, the  expected speeds will be as much as 100Mbps.

In United Kingdom the spectrum required for the 4G network was due to be auctioned off to network providers some time in 2012, the auction was originally scheduled to take place in September 2008 but has suffered repeated setbacks. Ofcom recently forwarded the auction  to the end of 2012, following by the threat of legal action by O2, which claimed auction was illegal under EU law.

MoreoverMobilenetworks including O2 andOrangeare already trailing 4G networks in theUK. Meanwhile  Ofcom’s plans for stable 4G networks throughout the 2012 Olympic Games is now looking completely impossible

As use of mobile broadband increases.4G networks will also compete and provide better and greater capacity than existing 3G services, As far as rural locations are concern

4G network will also allow Internet access there where wired networks are too expensive to install.

It is a huge disappointment to see the faster network postponed once again.


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