NOLO VR Allowing You To Enjoy Smartphone-Based VR

Posted on May 29 2017 - 9:44pm by David Gregorio

LYRobotix recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for seeking $5 million to help bring its newest Nolo VR motion tracking system for mobile VR headsets to market. The company just met this goal within hours, proving there is high-demand for spatial tracking for budget mobile VR.

The motion tracking system gives a tracking base station as well as 6DoF motion , and a headset marker, also two tracked hand wand controllers. The headset marker attaches to the top of HMD. It having a ball with tracking sensors on it. You will saw same tracking balls on top of the controller.



NOLO VR Motion Tracking System Design

The NOLO is a budgeted and advanced tracking system, consists of 3 parts: headset marker, base station and two wireless controllers. The headset marker weighs 60 gram, measures 138.8×44.8mm. The base station weighs 160 grams, measures 78×44.5×76.15mm, and the controller weighs 90 grams and measures 151.3x40x43.3mm. All the parts sports a portable and sleek design, and the controllers feature smooth and ergonomic contours for a comfortable grip.

NOLO VR Motion Tracking System Features

The VR motion tracking system doesn’t come with a dedicatedly designed VR headset, but using its headset marker, the VR system works with various mobile headsets like Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream and many more. In mobile Virtual Reality mode, this motion tracking supports both Android and iOS handsets, but at present it only supports streaming SteamVR games to your Android smartphone. The iOS support will be released before the end of 2017.

The headset marker is simply designed to place on the upper side of your VR headset. Using its 6DoF motion tracking and less than 20ms positioning delay, your movements can be synced to the visual world in real time for a comfortable virtual reality experience.

The compact base station faces towards you and has the ability to track your movements within a 13×13 space with a tracking accuracy of less than 2mm. Meanwhile, using two handheld controllers, you can completely immerse in VR world and interact with those virtual objects.

NOLO VR Motion Tracking System Price

The company Says Nolo VR will be priced at $100 and is currently offering a small discount for early-bird orders by signing up at their site.

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