4 Ways Your Are Ruining Your Own Health

Posted on Aug 13 2017 - 11:13am by Brian Williams

Your health is important to you, which is why you do everything you can to maintain your well-being. So, it might come as a shock to learn that you have habits which put your health at risk. No one likes to hear this, usually because blaming others is easier, but mostly because bad habits are hard to drop. However, if you want to take your health and well-being seriously, you will need to do it sooner rather than later. Below are the ways you are affecting your health and how to stop.

Ruining Your Own Health

Constantly Using Your Phone

Studies suggest that the main use of a mobile or cell phone is to surf the internet. Indeed, almost one-third of sales are made on a mobile device in today’s day and age. Sadly, this new is as bad for your health as it is your bank balance. Mobile devices like phones and tablets give off low levels of radiation. Although they are not harmful in small quantities, they can cause a problem if the levels build. People who use their phone only add to the levels of radiation throughout their body and make a disease such as cancer more prominent.

Not Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Your footprint is the amount of carbon you release into the atmosphere on a daily basis. It might be a surprise, but the average person emits up to ten tons of carbon into the air on a yearly basis. With a population of around 7 billion people, you can work out the damage. How this affects you is through air pollution. The body needs fresh air to keep the organs functioning. However, stale air with little oxygen is more common in 2017 due to pollution. The onset of lung-related illnesses is only a matter of time according to experts.

Neglecting To Understand

It is a fact that most people don’t know they are harming their body. Why? It’s because they don’t understand the consequences of their actions. The average person has no idea what a chip-seq protocol does or why taking paracetamol for a viral infection is bad. Even though antibiotics are becoming less effective, people still pop pills for minor ailments. All you are doing is contributing to your downfall as there will come a time when modern medication fails. If you want to secure your health, you need to understand what you are doing wrong and why. Only then will you be able to make a change.

Relying On Google

In the past, you had to go to the doctors to make sure everything was fine. After all, they were the only experts you could turn to when you were ill. Thanks to the internet, this isn’t the case any longer. People can now self-diagnose their issues with a quick Google search. Add to this the fact that you can self-medicate, and there is no reason to see a doctor. In fact, that isn’t true because self-diagnosis and medication are dangerous. By doing it, you risk making the situation worse rather than better.

If any of the above sound familiar, it is time to stop.

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