Ultimate Reasons To Love Browser Games

Posted on Apr 18 2015 - 6:51am by admin

It’s amazing how far gaming technology has progressed in such a short period. But it’s equally amazing how browser games are still as popular than ever. Sure, they have their faults. But they are easy to start and very addictive. Here are six great reasons to love browser games.


1: They are free

Not all browser games are free, but many of them are. There are a huge range of websites out there that have a lot of games you can just start straight away, whatever style you like. Take a look at http://playberry.com/ for some great examples of what to expect from free games.

2: They are nostalgic

Whatever age you are, there will always be games from your past that you look back on with misty eyes. The great thing about modern technology is that you can still play many of these classic slices of gaming history. Developers are constantly uploading their versions of these great titles to browser-based game websites. That means that reliving your youth could only be a click of a mouse away.

3: They are made with love

While the awesome graphics and performance levels of the modern console and PC games are incredible to look at, they can often leave you feeling cold. There is a huge amount of money involved at this level of the gaming industry, and the pressures are immense. And sometimes you feel that developers are just going through the motions. Browser games, however, are usually made with a lot of love and thought behind them. They may not look flashy, but they have a lot of heart.

4: You can play them anywhere

Some games titles are best suited to consoles; some are suited to a specialist games PC. But browser games can be played on just about anything. And, if you have a good Internet connection, anywhere. Whether you are sat in front of your computer at home or catching a train to work, the simple old browser game is a great way to test yourself during a quiet moment.

5: They are varied

Whether you like playing first person shooters or racing games, browser games have it all. There is a lot of choices available and, although they don’t share the same graphics quality as the mainstream sellers, can have excellent gameplay. OK, so you won’t get the full-on experience of World of Warcraft, but look at the success of Angry Birds.

6: They are fun

The key thing to browser games is that they are a lot of fun. You can turn on and get playing in a matter of moments, and they don’t come with the extra baggage and thought required to play paid games. That’s not to say they aren’t difficult. Some browser games are fiendishly hard and can take an age to get anywhere close to the end.

And there you have it. Six reasons to love browser games. We’re always keen to hear from our readers, so why not let us know your favorite browser game in the comments section below? We would love to hear your recommendations!

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