Sony launches PlayStation Vita

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Sony PlayStation Vita

Sony PlayStation Vita

Play Station vita is now released in Japan. Sony has released PSP in Japan two months ahead of its worldwide debut. The new PSP contains an Wide display 5″ AMOLED 960×544 screen with a 3G/wi-fi function and a console-like dual analog interface loaded with extra-ordinary graphical performance and with advanced online features Vita provides the most console-like experience with input methods like touch-screen and (direct) controls.

As we take a look at the operating system of Play station vita it is also loaded with The same “XMB” interface seen on the PSP and PS3.You can change the background of each page, rearrange icons, and customize by holding one of the icons for a few seconds.

There is a new feature named “LiveArea,” Clicking any icon brings up that app’s “LiveArea,” an interstitial page with extra information including a link to the app or game’s official website, the PlayStation Store for DLC if applicable, and an activity log of what you and your friends have done related to that app. Tapping the PS button will allow you to browse all the “LiveAreas” of apps you have open in a Cover Flow-like configuration, You can snap screenshots by pressing PS and Start together, which is really useful if, say, you’re writing a review of the Vita or a Vita game. With the downloadable Live Tweet app, you can even tweet those screens directly. I love this. What I don’t love is that this is occasionally disabled as well, as I discovered when playing a PSP title.Transferring data from the Vita is limited, by design. If you use a PC, you must install the Content Manager Assistant program, and then move stuff around from within the Vita’s “Content Manager” app. That in itself isn’t annoying — it’s simply more limited than being able to move stuff around on your computer like the Vita was a drive. The restriction is no doubt to prevent people from copying game files for potential piracy, and to prevent them from loading unauthorized software. I’d also speculate that to be the reason for the new, proprietary, and painfully expensive memory card format.

The battery seems to be on par with the 3DS, meaning that terrible battery life in handhelds is officially a Trend. In a real-world test — a bunch of Uncharted on a car trip at maximum brightness (which is lower than the system’s maximum brightness, a restriction I don’t understand) — the battery lasted four hours and 28 minutes. This was without any network features on, and mostly without sound. Wi-fi or 3G would only increase the drain on the Vita’s battery. The battery will last upto four hours and 28 minutes.

PSP Vita

PSP Vita

The PSP Vita is loaded with both front and rear-facing cameras. They’re controlled by a photo app that’s simple to use, with either touchscreen or R button controls to snap a pic. The 640×360 Vita cameras perform slightly better to the 3DS’s cameras.
The design of the new PSP vita is very exciting with a “Crystal black” The Vita takes some design cues from the iPhone 4, mixed with the PSP. The front is a single piece of plastic, much like the “Gorilla Glass” iPhone front in appearance, with extra textured plastic sticking out surrounding the D-pad, buttons, and analog sticks. The back features two small divots for “grip” and a smooth plastic surface for the rear touch pad (more on that thing in a bit). Surrounding the device is an extremely glossy metallic rim, which is either plastic or metal coated with plastic. The top of this rim bears small circular power and volume buttons. The back of the system is occupied by the rear touchpad. It’s also loaded with technology, able to produce visuals that get pretty close to HD-quality, far more impressive technically than anything

The new sticks are true analog sticks, rather than “nubs” like the PSP. They don’t double as buttons like those on the Dual Shock, and they’re also much smaller than their console contemporaries. The surface is rubberized for grip, and overall I have no complaints about them. I can move and aim just fine. The Vita features almost the full suite of buttons found on a Dual Shock, including four face buttons, start, select, and two shoulder buttons, along with Sony’s instantly recognizable segmented d-pad and two of the cutest little analog sticks you’ve ever seen.

Bad news for PS VITA owners, as it has been confirmed that few games on handheld will have an online pass very much similar to what publishers are doing on PS3/Xbox 360.Hot Shots Golf is one of the PS VITA launch title, players who will buy the game via retail will get a voucher code. However gamers who will buy the used copy of the game will have to buy online pass seprately via PS Store for $15 (900 YEN).

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