HomeFront Revolution – Freedom Of Truth

Posted on Jun 11 2015 - 9:45am by Brian Williams

Home-Front is now mostly anticipated game of 2016 because it was delayed to 2016 by its developers and publishers. Otherwise it would have been released, the reason of delaying it to make ‘Home-Front’ better optimized and debugged for gaming players.



It is coming to Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac and Linux, Home-Front: The Revolution throws players into a near future dystopia. Catastrophic events have brought the United States to its knees and enabled the Korean People’s Army forces to impose a brutal military occupation. Trapped in this American nightmare, Philadelphia has become a police state, where surveillance drones and armored patrols keep her once-proud citizens at heel, crushing any dissent with totalitarian force.


Set in 2029, four years after the original Home-Front game, Crytek has chosen to bring guerilla warfare to the streets of Philedelphia in Home-Front: The Revolution. The game blends open game exploration with guerilla warfare tactics to try and set Homeland: The Revolution apart from its strong FPS competition. It’s been quite a few years between the Home-Front games and that’s due to the original publisher THQ going down the drain. Crytek picked up the franchise and has built Home-Front: The Revolution on the latest Cry-Engine, which has let it create a vast open world with a dynamic weather and day/night system.

The Home-Front story started back in 2025 when North Korea invaded America and The Revolution has taken the game to Philedelphia where the Korean People’s Army (KPA) has set up their capital. You play as a regular civilian who has had to learn how to shoot a gun and is now part of the resistance. You’ll need to use guerilla warfare tactics like sabotage, infiltration and salvaging to build up the resistance army and your own skills in order to fight the asymmetrical battles, as the KPA vastly overpowers you in number and power.

Crytek’s decision to take Home-Front in a new direction seems to have paid off, and blending high-tech guerilla warfare with open world exploration makes for an interesting gameplay style. The Revolution’s terrifying distopian world and powerful KPA should make Homefront: The Revolution stand out from the likes of next year.

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