Console War Rages While GTA 5 Remains Truly “Multi-Platform”

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Xbox One or PS4? The eternal question of the console gamers has persevered into the most recent generation, launched a few years ago – by the WiiU, as a matter of fact. The WiiU, much like the Wii before it isn’t really a part of this “console war”. Nintendo is like Switzerland, not getting into conflicts and doing it’s own thing instead. Even the most vocal and extreme PlayStation and Xbox fan, the kind that would never allow a device of the hated opposition into their homes, generally has no problem with the WiiU.

Xbox One

Oh, but the guts and glory of the console war. Subreddits with anti-elitism rules, locked threads on gaming forums throughout the internet, memes and videos geared towards making fun of the opposing side define it. This has been going on since the Sega versus Nintendo days, which eventually morphed into the Sony versus Microsoft stalemate we have today. In all honesty, the hatred was at its peak in the seventh generation, with PS3 and Xbox 360 users at one another’s throats constantly. This generation has cooled down a bit, with an ever increasing number of cases when someone is genuinely interested in which of the two might be the better buy, regardless of what system they used before.


Perhaps a cheats and graphics comparison of the smash hit GTA 5 could help gamers decide?

Now, obviously there are plenty of exceptions – people with all three current gen consoles, people who jumped to PC, people who have no issue with others having a different console and their own opinions. We know all that, but the “console war” is still part of the reality of the internet.

The eighth generation doesn’t have the same clear divides as the seventh, with the PS3 outperforming the 360 in terms of hardware, but being more of a lumbering room-heater, while the 360 was a nimble and zippy little machine. They were both really strong in terms of exclusive games, had their respective online stores and multiplayer subscription models.


The PS4 and Xbox One are nearly identical in terms of hardware, similar enough that it won’t make any noticeable difference for the player. There are fewer exclusives, with a new trend of certain games being available on one of the two consoles and PC, only excluding the console of the enemy. The heavy-hitting exclusive franchises suffered from being broken in two to bridge the gap between the generations, and have fallen from the graces of the fans and reviewers. Most popular and well-selling AAA releases are available on both consoles. So how does one choose?

With the hardware being on par, games really are the deciding factor, which means exclusives. The Xbox One has the Microsoft holy trinity of Halo, Forza and Gears of War going for it, though the third of these has yet to show its face (Gears of War 4 has been announced). Games like Titanfall or Quantum Break, which aren’t showing up on PS4 have made their way to PC.


On the other hand, the PS4 has Killzone, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Until Dawn, Tearaway, The Order: 1886 (this might actually be a disadvantage…), Knack, the Last of Us Remastered, God of War, Driveclub, Bloodborne, and a motherload of exclusive Japanese games. While in terms of exclusives, seemingly the PS4 takes the cake, there is another thing to consider.


The absolute vast majority of popular, critically acclaimed, prize winning and generally liked games are multi-platform, so beyond those exclusives (many of which are on PC), it really just comes down to personal preference (plus the PS4 has VR coming in October).

The biggest hits of the past few years, like the Witcher 3 and Destiny are on both consoles. Embracing the concept of “multi-platform” the most fully however is the most successful game of the past decade, being available on 5 different platforms – GTA 5.



GTA 5 is an absolute beast of a game. The single-player mode features enough content to provide players with hundreds of hours of game time without repeating anything, and then we haven’t even gotten into the Online portion, which is constantly being updated with free DLC. 8 million unique players still log in to GTA Online on a weekly basis, and the game has made over $500 million in microtransactions alone.

Rockstar Games‘ massive blockbuster has won awards years after release and is keeping its sales steady. The key to GTA V’s insane success was the time-delayed release schedule. First the 7th gen console versions were released, then the 8th and finally the PC version, all with a few months in between.

GTA V’s approach to the story mode with multiple protagonists was highly praised, alongside the writing and the vivid world. It’s gameplay has retained the tried and true formula of previous GTA games, with an emphasis on driving. The PS4 and Xbox One versions added the option of switching the camera to first-person for the first time in the series, allowing players who played GTA V on the previous gen to experience the game in a new way. If you’re looking for cheats for GTA V’s single-player mode, this is where you’ll find them.

With the big heavy hitters such as GTA V knocking down the game boundaries between the two belligerents of the console war, and the well of exclusives slowly but steadily drying up, things are cooling down as the choice between the PS4 and the Xbox One is basically down to personal preference.


Do you think the October release of the Playstation VR will tip the scales in Sony’s favor?

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