4 Video Games To Inspire Your Life

Posted on May 22 2018 - 11:52am by Brian Williams

Video games are perhaps one of the most amazing evolutions in technological history. It might not seem like it with the wonder of the internet, modern medicine and many other, more important things. However, to see how the early days of pong has developed into fully realized VR experiences, it’s hard not to be supremely enchanted by the development undertaken by the industry at large. Like any form of technology, good and bad products exist, and so finding those that are the most worthwhile is important. That and video games are often seen as a recreational hobby, because it’s not as if many people earn a living through playing them alone, nor would want to.

Video Games

However, this doesn’t mean video games are without use, or are only recreational hobbies. There are many games that can inspire a real-life interest, and help educate you in those parameters. Here are but a few of those games:

Forza/The Crew

These two racing titles, most notably Forza Horizon 3 and Motorsport 7, as well as the upcoming Crew 2 take a diligent approach to realism, bringing in a celebratory perspective around the use of vehicles and their maintenance. Not only that but you get to drive them with real force feedback if using a wheel. The striking use of accuracy, Wikipedia like entries detailing manufacturers and their history, and the ability to drive these in precarious situations can make a road hobbyist out of anyone. Before long you might try to get a loan for a bike, or simply begin viewing your road career in the light of potential. Any game that inspires you to nurture future hobbies is great as far as we’re concerned.

Football Manager

For anyone interested in football/soccer in the least, the Football Manager series is a complex, extremely realistic and incredibly laid out game that helps you take your soccer dreams to the next level. Managing a club of your choice and trying to help them win the league is something that can inform your real life understanding of your favorite sport, and help you live out your wildest personal sport fantasies. Hope to ake your small hometown team to the top of the entire nation? It’s possible here. It takes diligent mathematical practice, implementing tactics and a degree of social care for your simulated players, and this can help anyone with project management skills.


There are many simulators out there on the market. Some of the most famous are Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator and PC Builders Simulator. These allow you to get to grips with a real life job or hobby, learn about components in the vehicle or the particulars of your hobby, and also become accustomed to real life road rules. These simulators stretch far past the usual requirement of what a game can be, valuing real-life projects and can teach you real-life skills, or at least inform you of the knowledge you need to inspire that hobby.

With these tips, you will likely find more use in your recreational time playing video games, or at least justify it to your partner in a more convincing manner.

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