The Deadliest Weapon XM-25

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The Deadliest Weapon XM-25

The Deadliest Weapon XM-25

The Army’s next generation grenade rifle system XM-25 is designed by Minnesota’s Alliant Techsystems and it costs up to $35,000 per unit it is a highly sensitive machine having 12-pound of weight and 29-inch system. XM25 is a Counter defilade target engagement system, it is a high-tech rifle that can be programmed and can be fired above a wall it will explode and will take your enemy down behind the wall.

Its range is 2,300 feet which is equal to the length of eight football fields. Now it is possible to fire at targets well past the range of the rifles.
Its high-tech sighting system is very good in eliminating enemies ability to hide behind the cover. it also has various ammunition loads to take down the enemies in seconds. XM-25 is completely able to detonate a grenade from a preprogrammed distance.

Lt. Col. Chris Lehner , project manager for the semi-automatic, shoulder-fired weapon system of the American army said that “The weapon is so effective your enemy cant hide anywhere you can reach your enemy everywhere with XM-25 no matter where they are hiding you can see them and knock them down easily the soldiers are now able to shoot farther and more accurately. He further said that XM-25 is a “game changer”

XM-25 is an electronics-heavy rifle and its grenade round is still made by hand and the weapon is still in its engineering phase for more improvement.

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