Pioneer Has Announced The First Drives To Be Made Available For PCs

Posted on May 25 2017 - 7:33pm by David Gregorio

Pioneer announced a brace of new UHD Blu-ray burners, the first we’ve seen debut for the PC market. Currently, if you really want UHD playback, you just need to pick up either an Xbox One S or a dedicated player —because PS4 Pro lacks UHD Blu-ray support, even though the Japanese firm was instrumental to the development of Blu-ray itself.

Or, some computers anyway. Turns out that to play back 4K content, you will need some hefty specs, to the tune of one of Intel Core i5 or Core i7 Kaby Lake processors, a minimum 6 gigabyte RAM, and a 4K capable HDMI2.0a port. That is of course in addition to a similarly HDMI 2.0a-equipped monitor to actually output the content on.



The new BDR model are both the 5.25-inch drives that support optical read/write standard ever devised, including: CD-RW, CD-R, DVD±R DL, DVD±RW, DVD±R, BD-R SL/DL/TL/QL, BD-RE SL/DL/TL, DVD-RAM, BD-R LTH). Also read DVDs, BDs, CDs, as well as UHD Blu-ray films. Both drives feature a 4-megabyte buffer for underrun protection and support 16x burning speeds on standard Blu-ray media.

Another important capability of the Pioneer BDR-S11J-BK and the BDR-S11J-X ODDs is guaranteed support for Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. Technically speaking, to read a 100 gigabyte Ultra HD Blu-ray disc, and an ODD must support triple-layer Blu-ray disc with 33 gigabyte layers and up to 128 Mbps data rate. Therefore, BDXL-supporting BD ODD has a technical capabilities to read UHD BDs.

Pioneer claims that the BDR-S11J-X contains some additional hardware for ensuring high-quality audio playback, but both the drives support Pioneer’s PureRead 4+ and real Time PureRead software. Exact specs on either standard are hard to come by since the native language is Japanese, but Pioneer claims both the technologies are specifically useful when reading damaged audio discs.

Pioneer will bundle mutiple programs along with the BDR models, including PowerDirector 14, CyberLink’s PowerDVD 14, Power 2 Go 8, PowerProducer 5.5, InstantBurn 5 and so on. The manufacturer did not reveal the price of the drives, but the PC Watch reports that the BDR-S11J-BK cost $193 and BDR-S11J-X will be priced at $307.

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