Manipulate The Android And PC With Gestures Air!

Posted on Nov 4 2012 - 3:37am by admin


Gesture Glove Mouse

Gesture Glove Mouse

TV animation “Sword Art Online” and “Accel World” in the scene to perform various operations by operating the touch panel that is displayed in the air comes into play. In a similar feeling a little, by moving your hands in the air, That somehow cool to look like the future, a device that can operate the computer or Android device appeared. That “mouse gesture Grove WLGSMFA1″ of Thanko’s.

” WLGSMFA1 “is, but air mouse gesture to do by moving your hands in the air attached to. I can do mouse movements of the wrist and fingers on the switch. Such as the connection between the PC is using a wireless 2.4GHz, perform operations such as connect the USB dongle to your computer or Android device to operate.


Android can be used as a terminal connected to a TV company Android SmartTV ANDBOX44 BOX , you can create a cool environment in the strongest Android. How can I try to buy you do get used to the operation is required, since there is no actual sale price is so high and 4980 yen, and mono trial?

121102-a-gesture05 121102-a-gesture06

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