Kingmax AirQ Check, Air Quality Equipment Mobile

Posted on Jul 27 2016 - 11:04pm by David Gregorio

A well-known brand in the memory module industry, Kingmax officially introduced surveillance AirQ Check, air quality equipment mobile at Computex 2016. That its research team has spent many years to research and development.

This portable device allows users to check air quality around them anytime, anywhere. When inserted to a smartphone, it connects to an application and instantly detects TVOC and CO2 concentrations and tells whether they exceed health limits.

Kingmax airQ check

This devices have MicroUSB connectors and it will only work along with Android smartphones that has USB OTG support. The Alcohol Check will offer users to check their alochol levels should they need to know if it is safe to drive after a drink, the device has a built-in sensor that is able to detect the user’s breathe and shows the actual alochol level in the body, if it exceeds the unsafe level, the application will even allow you to configure a preferred phone number to call your important contacts that have you dragged from the bar, while this could be useful for some I still wonder if drunkards will be ever remember to check their alcohol levels.

The new AirQ Check displays three types of feedback: a green light for good air quality, red for hazardous, and yellow for ordinary. The AirQ Check also detects UV values, humidity, and temperature to give you a full picture of the air you are breathing.

AirQ Check comes in silver-grey and rose gold. It has a metal frame and matte coating. This new device does not rub on a battery, as the AirQ Check connects to a smartphone through a common MicroUSB.

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