The Green Technologies Which Are Changing Our World

Posted on Jul 28 2016 - 7:39am by admin

In case you didn’t catch the news, the energy crisis is a very real and present danger. All over the world, tech is shifting to accommodate for our reckless consumption of the world’s resources. This has had a profound effect on the way governments and businesses operate all over the world. In this post, we’ll look at some of the young green technologies which are changing the world we live in.

geothermal power station

Firstly, the green lobby has breathed life into a new business niche over the past couple of decades: land contamination consultation. Over time, various plots of land have been affected by the industrial and agricultural projects that used them. Massive tracks of the earth have been contaminated by hazardous materials, which are harmful for both people’s health and the world at large. Some of these materials have also been found to cause serious damage to the concrete foundations of buildings. As a result, it’s now common practice to consider an environmental consultation at the start of any building project. Though it may have been a hindrance to the property industry, environmental consultants have certainly done some good for our general health!

The next big technology we have to talk about is energy derived from waste. This green practice has had a pretty fierce debate surrounding it for some time now. The most significant argument against the whole prospect concerns the health risks of exposure to the fumes in the conversion process. Furthermore, many believe that the demand for would seriously undermine the modern recycling initiative. The other side argues that waste will be produced no matter what happens, and that deriving energy from a sustainable resource could never be a bad thing. Whatever your thoughts on the whole debate, waste-fuelled energy is a tangible and fast-growing technology, which we’re sure to see effecting the green lobby in the near future.

Finally, we have the most exciting type of green tech: geothermal energy sources. Incredibly, this method of generating power was first used in 1911. That’s right; clean and plentiful energy has been accessible to us for over 100 years, and yet it makes up a tiny proportion of all green energy that’s generated. It’s all pretty shocking when you consider the green policies and drives which so many governments have brought in. Geothermal energy works by tapping into steam vents, and using their currents to turn conventional generator turbines. Other designs involve pouring water over porous rocks, and manually heated to produce steam. If you ask most environmental scientists, our snubbing of geothermal energy is one of the greatest tragedies in history. The sheer potential from this energy source is massive, but most governments have been slow to bring it into their initiatives. However, there’s certainly been more research into geothermal energy, and we’ll see it making a larger impact soon.

Green technology is making a serious impact on our businesses and society, and this is a process which certainly isn’t going to disappear soon. As time goes along, who knows what amazing eco-friendly innovations we’ll be seeing!

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