The Biggest Expenses In The Oil Industry

Posted on Sep 29 2015 - 7:49am by admin

Companies in the oil industry make billions of dollars of profit every single year. However, they also have to spend a lot of money to ensure the smooth running of their operation. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest and most crucial expenses those firms experience. With a bit of luck, that should help to set the record straight and provide a good insight into the industry.

Oil tanker diesel engine


  • Drilling costs


Unsurprisingly, the most expensive cost oil companies have to consider relates to drilling. They often have to pay foreign governments a lot of money to operate in their country. They also have to invest in the best technology and tools available. Safety is important, and that is why workers only use the most up-to-date devices and methods. On average, top oil firms can spend more than $15 billion every year on drilling.


  • Analysis costs


Company managers have to put a lot of cash aside for analysis costs. They can’t risk the lives of their workers by acting on poor information. Anchor and hydrodynamic analysis are both very important. Without the reports filed by specialists in those fields, there could be lots of unexpected issues. For instance, tankers that stray too close to land could get stuck on the seabed. That could result in millions of gallons of oil spilling out into the ocean.


  • Insurance costs


As you can probably imagine, it costs a lot of money to get suitable insurance for an oil company. Bosses have to deal with the insurers on an individual basis. That is because there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Different companies will take varying risks at certain times. It’s important they are covered for any eventuality.


  • Renewable energy costs


It might sound silly, but oil companies are now forced to invest heavily in renewable energy. The bosses know the drilling process won’t be around forever. So, they use a certain percentage of their profits to ensure their future success. Most firms now invest in solar panel businesses and those that specialize in wind power.


  • Staffing costs


Believe it or not, even unskilled workers earn a lot of money in the oil industry. That is because everyone involved will risk their life at some point. Rigs can explode, and oil well can set alight. That means the companies concerned have to pay a premium to their workers. In some instances, they might have to travel abroad for more than six months at a time. So, it makes sense their efforts should be rewarded appropriately.

Those were the biggest expenses faced by the oil industry today. If companies didn’t invest enough cash in any of those processes, they would experience many issues. We don’t expect any of our readers plan to start a drilling company. However, at least you now know more about the market, and the costs involved. Will things start to change as more people opt for green energy? Almost certainly. That is why big oil firms are buying all the renewable companies like hot cakes.

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