The Revolutionary Technology Powering The Manufacturing Industry

Posted on Jan 5 2016 - 8:14am by admin

We love to watch how fast technology moves forward on a day-to-day basis. In our fast-moving world, new technology and methods are developed at a frightening pace. Nowhere is this more evident than the manufacturing industry. It has always been a place for innovation and creativity. Think of Henry Ford’s ingenious production line system, for example. Some of the world’s most exciting developments are taking place in the manufacturing industry. Today, we’re taking a closer look.

3D printerLaser measurements

There’s aren’t many things that can’t be made cooler by lasers! Laser technology has always fascinated scientists, but in 2016, the practical realities are emerging. We are already experimenting with laser headlights in cars, for example. But, it’s laser measurements, and laser cutting that is particularly interesting. Specifically, lasers are now used in the manufacturing industry for non contact measurement. It’s more precise, more accurate, and more efficient than ever before.


If nanotechnology sounds complicated, that’s because it is. We’re at the very early stages of this technology, but it will prove hugely influential in the future. The process involves changing matter at a molecular level. Think atoms, molecules, and supramolecules. It’s already being used in space technology and biotech. It will soon have a very real application in clothing, computing, and the medical industry.


Robotics are already a phenomenal force in the manufacturing world. Sophisticated machines and robots are taking over the traditional human roles in factories across the world. They’re faster, stronger, and more precise than their human counterparts. Robotic technology is now taking further leaps forward. They’re becoming more intuitive, and even more efficient than before.

Internet of things

Not only are these robots more powerful, they’re becoming interconnected. That means they communicate with each other, and share information. This is crucial when it comes to manufacturing. In essence, the entire factory will share data. Machines will speak to each other and react accordingly. It will reduce the need for human input even further. It’s part of an enormous trend categorized as the ‘internet of things’. It’s a system of intelligent, interconnected tech that works without human interruption.

3D printers

We’ve all heard of 3D printers. They’ve been a hot topic on technology blogs for nearly a decade. Poised to change the world, 3D printing hasn’t exactly lived up to its lofty expectations. At least, not in our homes. Behind the scenes, however, they are changing everything. The manufacturing world, in particular, are benefitting from instant creation of objects, spare parts, and components. 3D printing is changing the world, just a little slower than we first thought.

Predictive maintenance

Our final piece of technology might not be the most exciting, but it’s certainly revolutionary. Manufacturing machines are now smart enough to predict when they will need maintenance. They’ll automatically fix and repair any potential problems, before they become more serious. It’s a simple idea with huge applications across the globe.

When looking to see the next generation of technology, the manufacturing industry is a good place to look. Here you’ll find some of the most exciting and groundbreaking tech on the planet. Exciting times!

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