Robot Technology: AVATAR is coming in our real life

Posted on Feb 11 2012 - 8:11am by admin
AVATAR is coming in our real life.

AVATAR is coming in our real life.

Futuristic creations of James Cameron’s “Avatar” is coming in our real life; researchers from Japan have designed a latest technology in robot technology named TELESAR V that copies the movements of human who wear special pair of thin polyester gloves and a visor. It’s like putting on the devices allows users to direct the actions of a remote machine but also to feel, see and hear as accurately what the robot feel, see and hear.

Sho Kamuro researcher of the TELESAR V technology said “When I put on the devices and move my body, I see my hands having turned into the robot hands. When I move my head, I get a different view from the one I had before,” he added “It’s a strange experience that makes you wonder if you’ve really become a robot,”

Susumu Tachi,  Professor at Keio University’s Graduate School of Media Design describing about TELESAR V he  said systems attached to the operator’s headgear, vest and gloves send detailed instructions to the robot, which then mimics the user’s every move.

At the same time, an array of sensors on the android relays a stream of information which is converted into sensations for the user.

The thin polyester gloves that user wears are lined with semiconductors and tiny motors to allow the user to “feel” what the mechanical hands are touching — a smooth or a bumpy surface as well as heat and cold.

The robot’s “eyes” are actually cameras capturing images that appear on tiny video screens in front of the user’s eyes, allowing them to see in three dimensions.

Microphones on the robot pick up sounds, while its speakers allow the operator to make his voice heard by those near the machine.

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