It’s 2017 – Why Does Still Tech Face These Problems?

Posted on Apr 27 2017 - 8:01am by admin

We have been living in a technology focused world for many years now, and as much of the media keeps on saying, the world is only going to get more tech-heavy as we go on. And that’s great, right? All of this new tech that has burst into our lives over the past decade or so – the Internet, mobile devices, and blockchain – has made our lives so much more easy and simple. Plus, we are now more connected to each other than ever before.

Still Tech Face These ProblemsHowever, it’s not all that clear cut. In fact, there are still many issues that technology still has trouble smoothing out and improving on. Here are some common tech problems that you would have thought would have been solved seeing as we are already in 2017!

Business Communication

You may think that communication has never been better as we can now email and send text messages in just one mouse click. There are also many professional instant messaging services that many companies use for internal communication. But, truth be told, business communication still isn’t that great. And that is because tech is no replacement for good communication skills. If one department in a company doesn’t have any good speakers or team players in it, the whole company will suffer from their poor communication.

Engineering Issues

Even though it may seem like we are currently in a golden age for engineering, it isn’t all that crystal clear. That’s because engineers still face many issues even now in the 21st Century. One of the main ones is how to keep workers of heavy machinery safe. Most of these workers are also at risk of hearing damage from the loud machines, so many engineers are constantly trying to develop an oscillator that can effectively cut down noise. Another engineering issue is with sustainable energy. Even though we can now use solar energy in all manner of different ways, engineers still aren’t sure how to harness it in huge amounts. And this is important if we move entire cities away from fossil fuels to solar energy.

A Shortage Of Resources

We live on a planet that only has finite resources. Even though there are many sources of sustainable energy (as briefly mentioned above with regards to solar energy), people working in tech are constantly trying to source new resources that we can use for our energy. Sure, tech can help our work become a lot more efficient, which can help the resources last for longer and go further. But, ideally, we need to find a completely new resource that we can utilize for energy, or we need to figure out how to stretch what we currently have.

As you can see, tech still has quite a far way to go if it is going to be successful in finding useful solutions for these big issues. But, thankfully, there are lots of professionals and experts currently working to find out what can be done about these problems. Maybe the answers aren’t that far away?!

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