Extra-ordinary technology of camera introduced in cricket

Posted on Jan 16 2012 - 2:33am by admin
Extra-ordinary technology cricket camera

Extra-ordinary technology cricket camera

A new extra-ordinary technology of camera introduced  in cricket have been invented by Brisbane Optometrist, which further adopted in other sports, a micro high-definition camera about the size of a pea, fitted in umpire’s sunglasses, this will change television sport is delivered into our lounge rooms.

The sunglasses carry a camera, a small battery and recorder that works like a little USB stick. It is wired to a transmitter, a bigger battery, and an aerial, which is kept in a pouch on an umpire’s belt. Later on it will go wireless.

Now the cricket viewers get the closest and finest possible angle for LBW appeals, Caught behind, run outs and all other things that umpires have to judge, viewers will also hear sound nut umpires have asked for the microphones to be muted.

Optometrist Patrick Gerry has been working for 12 months on his invention and trialing it inBrisbanelower-grade, Fox sports is funding for this new technology and had spent $100,000 on development and improvement of camera’s quality. Fox sports director of sports Gary Burns says “its brilliant stuff, our viewers are going to love it”. He added “It’s taking our viewers closer to the action than ever before.” Now we are planning to catch American baseball and for this driving the changes on it.

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