The Updated Razer Blade Stealth Is Shipping Now With The i7

Posted on Nov 7 2016 - 7:19pm by David Gregorio

Razer has announced a major update on Razer Blade Stealth that packs in more RAM, more options for storage and a bigger battery at PAX.

Earlier this year, Razer took their first jump into the Ultrabook ring with the Razer Blade Stealth. Announced at 2016 CES, this was an incredibly thin and light notebook which featured a Core i7 U series processor, optional UHD display, and an aluminum chassis. The really interesting part was that Razer priced it at just a $999 starting price, which is not inexpensive, but for a Core i7 Ultrabook, it was below similar models from other manufacturers. The one major disappointment on the Razer Blade Stealth was the battery life, which was well below other Ultrabooks.


Blade Stealth

Razer has taken this to heart, and have tried to address the both concerns. First, they have increased the battery capacity from 45 Wh to 53.6 Wh, that’s about a 19 percent increase in battery capacity.

In addition, Razer is updating to the latest Kaby Lake processors, with Core i7-7500U being the only CPU option. The storage starts at 128 gigabyte for the QHD version, and 512 gigabyte for the UHD model, with the UHD offering a 1 TB PCIe SSD now as well. System memory is also doubled to 16 gigabyte of LPDDR3-1866, which is excellent to see, especially since the price hasn’t changed. The rest of the product has not changed, with the same weight and dimensions, even with the higher capacity battery. It keeps the same starting price of $999 and it’s available to order now.

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