Microsoft Windows 10 Feature Will Automatically Lock & Secure A PC

Posted on Jan 16 2017 - 8:09pm by David Gregorio

Microsoft wants you to be extra secure so it plans to lock your PC anytime you walk away from it. A couple of new reports published reveal that Microsoft is working on a new safety feature for the Windows 10 called Dynamic Lock — which is apparently known as ‘Windows Goodbye’ internally. The idea with the feature appears to be very simple. This Windows 10 Dynamic Lock feature is going to automatically lock and secure your PC when you step away from it. This really saves you the hassle of doing it on your own and also prevents against the risk of your data being stolen if you ever forget to manually lock your PC.

Microsoft Windows 10 Feature

Dynamic Lock

The technology essentially compliments the Windows Hello solution the software-maker introduced a few years back. Replacing standard password and PIN method, Windows Hello uses special cameras to enable users to log in to their machines by simply scanning their face.

In a nutshell, this Dynamic Lock merely reverses that process for further protection.

The story behind the story:

Dynamic Lock is a long-standing idea for the Windows. We first got a glimpse of the concept in 2010 when some documents leaked that were presumed to be part of Microsoft’s Windows 8 development plans. The documents just discussed a facial recognition login feature, which we now know as the Windows Hello, as well as feature that used a proximity sensor to detect when the user is absent and log them out.

If Dynamic Lock is a new feature using proximity detection to log off users or lock a computer, it’ll likely be a welcome feature for enterprise users. Instead of having to remember to tap the Windows key + L combination to lock the computer, the PC itself will take care of security measure for corporate types.

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