Keytron Bluetooth mechanical keyboard provides a tactile typing experience

Posted on Mar 6 2019 - 2:06pm by David Gregorio

Just because the nature of the beast most of the mechanical keyboards are quite cumbersome, but one enterprise is now seeking to rectify this and has created the wireless Keytron ultraslim mechanical keyboard. The unique design and functions of the Keytron keyboard which helps both Mac and Windows system.

Keytron Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Design

The Keytron is a beautifully crafted and sensible compact mechanical keyboard that is available in sizes. The 87-key model measures 355 x 120 x 18mm, weighs approximately 650g, and the 104-key version measures 435 x 120 x 18mm and weighs about 805g, so that you can pick out between the two models based totally on your demands and the scale of your desk. Each fashions display off an elegant and low-profile appearance layout, and the extremely-slender body contributes to the sleek design of Keytron. Meanwhile, the keyboard functions an aluminum front and back panel for a durable creation and top rate experience.

Keytron Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Features

The wired-free mechanical keyboard comes equipped with Fraly low profile switches. With a switch top of 6mm, 60g actuation, and 3mm throw intensity, the keyboard offers a quick actuation and comfy typing. Its N-key rollover ensure your every keypress may be efficaciously registered. Moreover, its incorporated RGB backlit features 4 adjustable brightness tiers and extra than 15 unique coloration consequences so that you can quite simply type in low-light situation, and it brings non-public light to satisfy your temper. Moreover, built-in Bluetooth tech and USB connection permit it to work with macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android OS, and through a easy slide of a button, you can effects switch it among the various structures. similarly, 2000mAh rechargeable battery gives as much as 40 hours of typing with RGB lights.

Keytron Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Price

The team behind Keytron is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $64/$79 to preorder the Bluetooth mechanical keyboard with 87-key layout or 104-key layout. Both models will be shipped in December 2019.

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