Asus Lyra Home Wi-Fi System Has Launched With Built-in Security

Posted on Jul 25 2017 - 11:16am by Brian Williams

Asus – the giant best-known tech all over the world, has just announced its latest Lyra Home Wi-Fi System, which is the rival of Google Wi-Fi. The Lyra comes in a white color and has a simple disc shaped design. Just like the other routers, Lyra has also worked same and there is no difference between Lyra and other Wi-Fi routers. But the aim behind to built this router is to make Wi-Fi simple again.


Means you can connect your all smart devices, such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet, game console, smart home gadget, or a media player, the Lyra will give fast and secure connection to all devices. And the notable thing, Lyra makes sure that every device has a speedy connection anywhere in the house.

The Lyra Home Wi-Fi System comes with a tri-band Wi-Fi mesh network, which let you allow connecting more than one hub, or we can say it is capable of connecting multiple hubs at a time. In multiple hubs, there is a primary hub which is connected to the internet, while the others are satellite hubs that extend the wireless signals. This Wi-Fi router uses three separate frequency bands, which will help the router to provide maximum performance to all connected devices.

The company has added a security feature to the router as well, known as the Asus AiProtection. The company describes it as a commercial-grade network security system, which is powered by the Trend Micro smart home network. This software will provide you high-level protection against all the threats.

There is also a mobile app, which is known as the Lyra app that makes easier to set up the system. The app will help you to expand and manage your network system with just a few clicks. You can connect this app to Lyra router by using a Bluetooth connection and it does everything with this app, such as you can connect more Lyra’s to your home network.

As far as the specification is concerned, the Lyra broadcast three frequency bands, as I mentioned above. And also comes with the supports speeds of up to 2,200Mbps in total – 400Mbps on its single 2.4GHz band and 867Mbps each on two of its 5GHz bands.

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