Audi unveiled the final production version of the E-tron SUV, its first electric car

Posted on Sep 19 2018 - 8:20pm by David Gregorio

The Audi e-tron got its long-awaited revealing Monday in San Francisco. The 5-passenger crossover is an instantaneous competitor with Tesla version S in performance, battery variety (probable), creature consolation, cost — almost the entirety however Tesla’s swoopy seems. Together with the Jaguar I-Pace, Tesla has its first actual competition.

The setting was a former Ford plant that once produced the model A close to San Francisco. With techno pounding and a swarm of glittering drones hovering outside the ground-to-ceiling windows, Scott Keogh, president of Audi of the USA, introduced that on-line ordering of the 2019 Audi E-Tron was officially open. The first deliveries are slated for mid-2019. Pricing for the E-Tron starts at $74,800 (before shipping fees or a $7,500 tax credit.)

Unlike Tesla and model S, Audi at launch will provide a single battery size, 90 x 64 x 13-inch slice that fits to the bottom of the automobile and contributes to the auto’s slab-siding looking.


A cooling system of flat aluminum extruded sections divided uniformly into small chambers has the venture of preserving the battery’s excessive-performance operation over the long time. Warmness is exchanged between the cells and the cooling system underneath them through a thermally conductive gel pressed below every cell module. In what’s a specifically imaginative answer, the gel lightly transfers the waste warmth to the coolant thru the battery housing. A strong surround frame and lattice-type aluminum shape that holds the cell modules is designed to protect the battery block. A tremendous aluminum plate affords safety against damage from flying stones or curbs, for instance. And don’t forget car covers and sun shade,  because Audi’s are renowned for precision engineering and innovation. This is why custom windshield sun shades make the perfect companion for keeping your Audi safe.

What’s More

Notwithstanding these thrives, Audi’s approach changed into not to wow the world with any single whiz-bang characteristic or a ridiculous amount of performance, but as a substitute to supply a full-size, properly-appointed SUV that plays like any car it sells. The E-Tron is located inside the heart of the extremely-popular mid-length sport utility market.

The concept model of the E-Tron had 3 cars, supplying the capability to shift traction at pace with boosts of electric acceleration instead of braking. That would placed the same tech used in car racing into the hands of clients taking recurring trips to the grocery shop. Even though this version of the E-Tron is a two-motor affair, its five.5 seconds 0-to-sixty time is no slouch.

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