Top Tech Innovations In Modern Aircrafts

Posted on Aug 9 2016 - 9:12am by admin

Modern aircraft are packed full of great tech that makes flying a better experience. Below, I’ll discuss some of the top innovations that are improving aircraft in various ways.

Modern aircraft

In-flight WiFi

For commuters, the biggest tech innovation has to be the inclusion of wifi on some flights. It shows just how much we depend on internet access when people go crazy with joy after finding out their flight has wifi! It represents a huge difference to the aircraft of old, where all electrical equipment had to be turned off. Now, people can surf the web when they’re thousands of feet in the sky. Some may argue that this is hardly an important tech innovation. However, I disagree with them. In a world where connectivity is key, in-flight wifi can make a huge difference. People flying out on business trips can spend the time doing last minute research and preparing properly. There’s also the underrated ability to communicate with friends and family. Letting the people you love know that you’re safe is a welcome feature of in-flight wifi. Of course, it’s far from perfect right now, but things will improve over time.

Pilot Headsets

It’s not just the passengers that benefit from cool tech; pilots are too! There are many tech innovations that have helped pilots do their job a little bit better. At the forefront of this are changes to their headsets. From the outside looking in, a headset might not seem like a big deal. However, the right helmet can make a huge difference for a pilot. We’re seeing things like Telex Headsets that help protect a pilot’s hearing. When in the sky for so long, it was common for some pilots to damage their hearing in the long run. Headsets have also improved communications between airborne pilots and ground control. They’re tuned to block out certain frequencies, so there’s very little disruption. You’ll be amazed at how much this affects a pilot’s performance in the cockpit. Fewer distractions and improved communications are a huge positive.

Solar Power Planes

Perhaps the most exciting tech innovation is having a solar powered plane. Hardcore fans of this blog may remember I mentioned this in an article back in 2015. Back then, I spoke about the first solar powered plane taking flight. Fast forward a year and that plane has completed it’s around the world trip! The Solar Impulse 2 flew around the world powered only by solar energy. While the flight wasn’t 100% smooth, it proved that this technology is possible. Planes are a huge source of air pollution, so, finding a way to reduce this is very welcome. It looks like solar power is the way forward, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

Technology is constantly advancing, and we see more and more crazy innovations every year. As you can see, aircraft are now very different to the ones a decade or so ago. Commuters are having a far more enjoyable flying experience, complete with more home comforts than before. Technology is also helping pilots perform better, and making planes more eco-efficient!

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