Tech Lets Us Lavish In Luxury Thousands Of Feet In The Air

Posted on Oct 11 2017 - 8:36am by admin

Over the past few years, we have seen a number of advancements in technology. You might not be surprised to discover that a lot of this tech has been used to make flights and air travel a lot more luxurious. Sure, there is tech being developed that will allow us to start space tourism, but right now it’s interesting to explore the tech that has made air travel a dream come true because it sure never used to be. Here are some of the ways tech has improved air travel, many of which you probably take for granted.

Thousands Of Feet In The Air

Luxury Seats

You might be surprised to learn that tech has actually made seats more comfortable. Sophisticated tech has allowed planes to be built and designed with stunning e-leather. As well as being a pleasure to sit on, it’s also lighter which means that planes can be more economical as well as more comfortable. As well as being comfy, these aviation leather seats look beautiful too, transforming a plane into a place as beautiful as your living room. Of course, a comfortable seat is nothing if you don’t have choices for entertainment and tech has provided numerous options.

Games, Films, And TV

Back in the 90’s, you might remember a scene in Die Hard 2. In the movie, the plane was unable to land, so the pilot tapped into local TV signals to let the whole cabin watch some good old American shows as the plane ran out of fuel. Now, of course, things are quite different. Instead of having to tune into TV signals planes typically have servers back full of data and media from TV shows to the latest films and even video games. In first class, these films are shown on HD monitors with paper-thin screens fitted in each private cubicle. It’s a fantastic way to travel and makes journeys fly by, no pun intended.

Closed Off For The Flight

Head into first class, and you might find that on some flights it’s filled with egg-shaped domes. Inside these domes, there’s a comfortable deluxe bed, the TV system we talked about and a place to store your dinner when it’s time to order from the menu. But the best part is that these egg domes are electronic and can be closed for a completely private, quiet experience in the air. So, if you want to sleep the whole way without ever being disturbed, you can. Every year, this tech gets more advanced, and the good news is that it also gets more affordable. So one day it might just be available in economic seating.

Faster Than Ever

Finally, the most recent advance in tech is certainly the most impressive. Elon Musk announced this year that he was looking into rockets for commercial travel across the globe, theoretically allowing people to get from London to New York in under an hour. We’re certainly decades away from this tech being realized, but it’s still incredible to think what this tech could be like in the future.

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