Hybrid Technology: What Does It All Mean?

Posted on Dec 16 2014 - 7:04am by admin

There’s a lot of talk about hybrid technology in cars. In general it seems to be a good thing. It seems that there’s a consensus that hybrid technology will save you money, time and fuel whilst also saving the planet. That’s not too bad for the engine in your car.

Hybrid TechnologyBut most of us just take hybrid technology as a given, like airbags or power steering. Many of us have never been walked through the essentials on what exactly hybrid technology is. Well, luckily for you we’ve put together a beginners guide so that you can know exactly what you’re getting into if you decide to buy one.

If a car is hybrid, that means basically that it uses more than one means to move itself around. A traditional car will rely on a petrol combustion engine on its own. But a hybrid car will have another component. The second component is an electric motor, which is used instead of or in support of the regular engine.

At low speeds the electric motor will generally take over, allowing the combustion engine to rest and stop burning fuel. This is one of the first things that many new users find out about the hybrid vehicles. They tend to be nearly silent at slow speeds, making them eerily different to usual petrol vehicles.

Between the use of the petrol engine and the exclusive use of the electric motor there are several different stages. These stages entail the engines and motors working to support each other. Perhaps most impressively, at some stages the electric motor will be recharged by the propulsion of the petrol motor. This will result in the electric motor being ready to use, without any further expenditure of fuel, at lower speeds. The battery on most hybrids will not be big enough for the car to travel far on it. But the constant recharging means that the car cuts down on the incredibly fuel inefficient slow-moving parts of journeys.

There are other hybrids which will plug in. In much the same way that an electric car works, these contraptions rely on the power from a mains source to charge a battery. Unlike their counterparts, these cars can travel much further on their electric motors. Naturally this comes with the difficulty of having to find somewhere to plug in and recharge.

Hybrid technology also works for you in a number of other ways. With a smaller carbon footprint, and a significantly lower cost to the environment in general you will often find that you will be granted a lower road tax cost. Governments around the world are trying to reduce the amount of pollution in the air, particularly in cities. So any car that participates in this effort will usually be rewarded. See how you could benefit by browsing through Inchcape Lexus.

Perhaps the best thing about all of this technology is that it does not require any extra technology to be used. All hybrid cars run exactly like their traditional counterparts, and you will rarely notice a difference in the handling or performance.

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