How Tech Is Ready To Shake Up The Aviation Industry… Again!

Posted on Jun 28 2017 - 6:02am by Brian Williams

Technology has long had an affect on the future of businesses, but none more so than the aviation industry. Quite simply, without the advancements in technology that we have become accustomed to there would be no aviation industry to talk about. It is not something that is going to fade to black either because tech advancements are going to continue to change the industry and address the main concerns of the day; fuel efficiency, profitability, comfort, and safety. These will always be at the forefront of the aviation industry’s concerns.


That said, we have been carefully looking at how technology is poised to shake things up yet again, which is seems to be aligning itself with the big trends of society in many ways. So, without further ado, here are the three major ways that we believe tech is going to shake up the industry next, all of which is very exciting.

Focus On Sustainability

How to save the earth from our doing is the hot topic of our generation and, with the aviation known for kicking out massive amounts of carbon and greenhouse gases, this is something the industry has long focused on. On the ground, things like an aircraft water system now have the technology in place to ensure 80% of the water used is recycled and ready for reuse, while also ensuring the water isn’t contaminated. This helps with countering the corrosive nature of sea water, thus allowing aircraft to operational and safer for longer. Of course, the big issue is in flight aircraft, with fuel efficiency being the primary concern. NASA is leading the innovation in this sense with the development of new wings, while non-stick paint is now being used to counter the drag caused by bugs sticking to the wings.

Airports Of The Future

In order for businesses to be more successful these days, they need to be scalable and that is where technology is having the most profound effect. On the one hand, it is helping airports negotiate the patterns in client loads, seasons, growth and peak times much easier to read and plan for. While on the other hand, it is also allowing hugely nimble scalability in areas like high-tech buildings, such as hangars that are easy to pop and install. Of course, big data is the other way in which tech is having a role to play because digesting analytics and using these metrics is how airports can start improving their profitability.

Planes Going Green

The history of biofuels has been checkered, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t looking more and more promising. With every trial, we are getting closer to a biofuel solution, and this is what we are seeing with halophytes. The reason this biofuel is proving so successful is that it can grow in salty waters, while aquaculture waste can also be used as a fertilizer. The other interesting thing is this aviation biofuel also burns cleaner than shale oils. The other technology that is also being tested is solar-flight, which is currently being posed as one of the most promising long-term solutions in this sector and the incredible future of flight. Of course, which one wins will be down to which option ends up being most competitive and safe.

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