Three Ways to Stay Connected Worldwide

Posted on May 27 2015 - 4:24am by admin

If you are going to some remote part of the world, you might think you need to say goodbye to the internet. That’s not the case. When they say the internet is a global interface, they mean it.

With the proliferation of computers around the globe, are you truly ever disconnected from the net? In some cases yes. For the most part though, it’s possible to use the internet in some of the most remote places on the planet.

Here are a few ways to get onto your favorite websites and keep in contact from pretty much anywhere.

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Internet Cafes

These beauties are everywhere. You’ll find them the world over. In countries where personal computers are too expensive for the average person, internet cafes are the solution.

Whether you’re in Seoul or Lagos, you’ll find an internet cafe. They might not be the most modern computers, but they’ll do.

In Seoul’s case, you might find the internet speed is even better than back home. South Korea loves their fast internet.

One thing to remember about internet cafes is they are communal. If you are doing private business, try to ensure it remains private.

Be safe with your personal information whenever and wherever possible.

Most importantly, remember to log out of everything before you leave. Don’t let the computer save any passwords either.


That’s right, a 3g 4g wireless router can indeed get you a signal almost anywhere. Utilising satellites, certain wireless routers can get you connected in the most remote places.

Be advised though, not just any wireless router will be able to do the job. Don’t think you can get on eBay when you’re in the mountains of Peru with that cheap dongle you bought.

These kinds of routers are more reserved for trips to the far corners of the world. I don’t think you’ll need it on that camping trip you were planning.

Your Phone

Works sort of on the same principle of the specialist routers. It is however much less likely to work. Trying to connect with your phone has a very slim chance of working.

You may get lucky on occasion though. Just watch out for roaming charges.

You will also have to contend with a power issue. Unless you have an electrical generator with you, you will at some point run out of juice.

You could always use a small solar powered or hand crank generator, but charging your phone with that could take considerable time and effort.

While the options are currently limited in some parts of the world for internet usage, the spread and advancement of technology shows a bright future for communication.

In anywhere between ten to fifteen years, internet usage should double in many places across the globe. It is possible soon everybody will be connected anywhere in one way or another.

Until then, however, you’ll have to make do. So long as you aren’t planning trips to the desert or the jungle anytime soon, you should be fine.

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