The Pros And Cons Of Creating A Business App in 2018

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Creating a business app might seem like the next logical thing for your business to do. However, you need to be aware of the pros and cons in 2018 before you find your design and give them your money. This guide will talk you through some of the most important pros and cons in this day and age, so you can be sure that this is the right thing for you to do, and that you shouldn’t be searching for an alternative.

Business App in 2018

The Pros Of Creating A Business App in 2018

Build A Direct Marketing Channel

A mobile app can do lots of things. It can provide your audience with general info, and just about any information you want to share with them, at any time. You should be considering the user experience in all that you do, and having a mobile app for business can help you to provide an even better experience for them. They will have the information you want to provide in an instant. Promoting your business and giving out relevant information has never been easier.

Use The App To Connect With Your Audience

As such a high percentage of people use smartphones these days, creating an app gives you an opportunity to create more of a connection with them. You have a platform that will be accessible to your audience all the time, and you’ll be able to give them a convenient user experience on top of this. Your business will be there, whenever your audience want it, as the majority of things an app can do will be available offline. This makes customer connection even more powerful, and you increase loyalty tenfold.

Generate Revenue

Sometimes, you may be able to generate revenue using your app. Your customers may be willing to pay a small fee to download the app onto their phone. Mobile ads can then be used and they will pay for advertising space. You may also build your app so that your audience can purchase goods or services through it – you’ll simply need to link it to an online payment platform.

Stand Out From The Crowd

One thing you need to make sure you’re doing in 2018, is standing out from your competition. Many businesses are using mobile apps, but many of them still aren’t. If you can take advantage of the situation and create your own mobile app, you could very well get ahead of your competitors. Although mobile application development might not be the most obvious way to stand out from the crowd, it definitely works. This is why doing your research on competitors is imperative!

The Cons of Creating An Business App 2018

It’s Costly

Creating an app is a great idea for many businesses, but it’s a costly thing to do. In fact, an app is usually even more expensive than a website. The more features and the more complex it is, the more the price will shoot up. For your app to be worth the download, you’ll need to be willing to part with quite a bit of money.

The Process Is Complex

Developing an app is a long, difficult process. You need to have two versions, one for IOS and one for Android. You then have to make sure you’ve covered different screen sizes and other things that will affect how your audience uses the app. It could take more than 4 months to complete. Your app needs to then be approved by the app store before anyone can download it. If the app store rejects it then you’ll need to start all over again.

App Maintenance

As things are advancing quickly in the technical world, you’ll need to perform ongoing app maintenance to make sure it runs smoothly at all times. Updates will be required, so this app is a long term investment. It isn’t something you can simply pay for once. You need to have some budget dedicated to your app to keep it running!

Share Your Profits With The App Store

If you want to earn money with your app, you’ll be sharing that money with the app store. The Apple app store receives 30% of what you earn from your app, and then you have things like sales tax to consider too. If you’re ok with this, then creating an app could be a good idea.

Now you know the pros and cons of creating an app in 2018, do you think it’s the right choice for you? Leave your thoughts below!

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