Keep Your Business Safe by Investing Into Security Software and Smart Apps

Posted on Jan 25 2018 - 11:22am by admin

Running your business comes with plenty of responsibilities. You will need to keep your customers, their information, your intellectual property, and your employees safe from external and internal risks. If you haven’t yet created a risk assessment, it might be time, so you don’t end up losing everything for fraudster or cybercriminals. Below you will find a few tips on how to keep intruders out of your business.

Security Software and Smart Apps

No matter if you run your business from home, or have an office, criminals will find out that you have valuable equipment on the premises, and try to rid you of them. If you already have a security camera and flood light installed outside, you might want to get one inside the office, and set up a mobile app that monitors the area, and allows you to see what is going on any time of the day. Some mobile apps will give you an alert when the alarm was triggered or disabled, and you can check out what is going on without rushing to the scene.

Virus Protection

If you keep customer information on your computer, you absolutely must have virus protection installed and regularly updated. No matter if you use Microsoft or Apple products: important security updates will be installed automatically, if you adjust your settings. Ask a computer network specialist about the best available antivirus software that helps you protect your intellectual property and your customer data from unauthorized access.

Regular Automatic Backups

If you lose a week’s work, you will lose more than time. You can miss deadlines, and your reputation will be ruined. You have to set up your system in a way that it automatically backs up your daily work at the end of the day, so you can’t forget. Sign up for a cloud system, such as iCloud or G Suite, or get an external drive where you save all your backups.

Malware Protection

Malware can slow down your machine and make it impossible for you and your employees to get any work done. To get malware protection on your networked computers, you might want to set up a system that comes with regular updates, and covers spyware and pup applications as well. Protecting yourself from viruses on the internet is no longer sufficient, and you need to be aware of the damage a malware attack can cause your business.

Phone Redirect and Doorbell Guard

If you don’t want people to know that you are not home or at the office, you can get a doorbell guard app that automatically answers calls on your phone. You can pretend to be in, and those who are simply checking whether it is safe to break in will be deterred. This simple security addition is not cheap to install, but it is also available on equipment finance. Avoiding break ins and loss will be worth the investment, after all.

Protecting your work, customer information, and office equipment is important to avoid downtime in your business. Invest in your security software and apps, and you can avoid reputation loss.

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