How Technology Is Changing The Way To Maintain Independence

Posted on Dec 19 2017 - 8:55am by admin

As you get older, your priorities start to change. The roof over your head seems to become even more precious, and your pension fund is the most important savings you own. Elderly relatives always used to say that life goes by in an instant, and you’re starting to understand why. It may be time to pass some wisdom back to them to help with their elderly years, to repay them for all that help they have given you while becoming an adult. It can be difficult to not feel like a burden as you get older and to hold on to some of your independence. However, with new technologies, it can be easier than ever to still feel like your own person. Here are some innovations that could make your elderly loved one’s life a lot easier without stifling their independence.


Online Shopping

Getting out to do the food shopping, especially if your loved one doesn’t feel safe driving or is affected by cold weather, can be extremely difficult. However, using online shopping can open their world up, meaning that they don’t have to rely on you, or another loved one, for their daily bread. Pretty much every major supermarket will now deliver straight to your home, and most websites are easy to navigate, so it won’t be overwhelming. Of course, you can still offer up assistance from time to time. Whether it’s picking up a pint of milk or taking them to town to get out in the air, spending time with them will show you care. However, the purpose of this service is to allow your loved one to be their own person and not rely on you for everything.

Smartphone Communications

Introducing your elderly loved one to a smartphone will open up so many doors for them, that they could quite possibly thought had closed. Like meeting new people, and joining groups and clubs designed for their age group. This will particularly help in combating the loneliness that tends to accompany old age. They can share photos of their childhood, get in contact with long lost friends, and even find out information on exercise classes for over 60s. Companies like Smartmatic have even made it possible to vote online, so your elderly loved one can still have their voice heard and their views respected, without having to push themselves to get to a polling station if they don’t feel up to it.

Mobility Scooters

With old age, can come complications that make everyday things like just getting some fresh air seem like monumental tasks Being able to get out of the house by themselves is so important to your loved one’s mental and physical health. Not only will it help them to get their daily dose of vitamin D, but it has also been proven that fresh air significantly reduces stress and improves your digestive system. Investing in a mobility scooter for your loved one will mean that they can easily enjoy the outside world without having to be escorted, and they may even be able to visit friends and improve their social life – again combating the loneliness previously mentioned.

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas on how you can help your elderly loved one feel independent again and aid them to stay active in their own life.

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