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Earth Networks: Business Continuity Solutions

Weather plays a huge role in every business. From trying to keep your customers and staff safe and secure, to ensuring that your supply chain doesn’t run out when severe weather strikes, business owners need to be aware about inclement weather patterns and changes.

That’s where Earth Networks come in to play. With more than 20 years of experience, we offer a solution for your business’ weather woes. Our team is committed to helping companies and organizations worldwide mitigate weather-related financial, operational, and human risks.

Earth Networks

Don’t Wait Until Your Losses Accumulate

Adverse weather conditions have been rated among the top business interruption concerns. But it is one of the most predictable threats to your company. In order to navigate nasty weather conditions, you must:

  • Ensure that you have a plan far in advance
  • Automate your decisions when the bad weather arrives with real time weather data
  • Share and disseminate detailed maps and plans to staff in all of your locations, on any device with our real time weather tracker

How Earth Networks Can Help

Since 1992, we have been keeping the communities of the State of Maryland safe from harmful weather. Now, we’re giving businesses around the globe the peace of mind they need and deserve when severe weather threatens their livelihoods.

Earth Networks is the world’s only collection of environmental networks that includes greenhouse gas, lightning, snowstorms, and severe weather across six continents. Our Total Lightning Network is the very first and only in-cloud and cloud-to-ground global lightning detection network, which includes more than 1,200 sensors worldwide. Earth Solutions also has the largest proprietary weather observation network that includes more than 12,000 hyper-local stations.

When severe weather hits, trust your organization to only the best in the business, Earth Networks.

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