Are Agile Teams More Productive?

Posted on Jan 26 2018 - 6:48am by admin

Diminishing Infrastructural Expenses Through Technology

There are a lot of technological applications you can use to your advantage today. Cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), solar energy—these are just a few truly game changing pieces of tech transforming modern society. Some of these are perfect fits for businesses of multiple size, and can liberate your employees, encouraging agility.

Cloud computing

Imagine being able to completely offset the cost of your office—or even cut down infrastructural expenses related to maintaining it as much as 90%. In many groups of ten, one individual represents the manager, and nine others make up his specific sales “platoon”, if you will. If those employees can use cloud computing to work remotely, you only have to provide office space for that manager.

Imagine being able to do that for your entire office. A business of 100 employees can be consolidated into an office that only costs $1,000 a month to rent, rather than the entire floor of a downtown office building at $20k a month required previously. At that ratio, you’re looking at an annual savings of $228k. This is doable through BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, technology.

Understanding BYOD, And Why It Is Cost-Effective

It works like this: cloud computing support floats a DaaS (Desktop as a Service) solution for remote secure access. You can have direct access remotely, but this isn’t as secure—when you institute a BYOD solution, security is paramount, and DaaS services help provide as much. From there, employees use their own tablets, smartphones, and laptops to access your network and complete their work.

Except for mandatory meetings requiring full attendance, your employees can carry on at their discretion. Often this will make them more productive. An employee with an eight-hour work day bracketed by an hour’s drive out and back gains two hours a day through a BYOD solution. That takes off a lot of pressure, and can increase work quality.

The last thing you’ll need to fully institute a BYOD campaign is an application providing remote clock-in. One of the reasons applications based in the cloud like Clockspot are so effective is that they are, as the site points out, “Perfect for small businesses, franchises, and mobile teams.” Employees can clock-in from wherever they can access the web.

Combining Technological Resources Increases Employee Agility

All these things together increase your agility in a substantive way—not just as pertains to employees. Still, their agility increases your agility. It’s all about setting them up for success. It’s hard to saw through a tree with a handsaw, but it can be done. However if you’ve got a chainsaw, it can be done much more quickly.

Well, today, instead of using the handsaw of on-site technical solutions that reached their zenith in the 20th century, what you want to do is activate the chainsaw of BYOD facilitated through cloud computing applications. Keep a small on-site server for mission-critical data in a hybridized cloud loop for security; outsource the rest and reap the benefits.

You can totally monitor, in terms of data, the effectiveness of employees. You’ll get more accurate timekeeping as well, and less clock-milking. Employees can get done what they need to and clock-out. Also, you can send assignments remotely that are handled immediately; whereas before schedules would have to be made and workers called in.

BYOD makes use of IoT (Internet of Things) technology over the cloud to decrease costs internally. The agility of your employees will produce increased profit while simultaneously the reduction of infrastructural costs frees up your budget. You are potentially able to experience a twofold increase directly.


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