Unveiling Of HTC-One

Posted on Jun 3 2015 - 8:20am by Brian Williams

Today, HTC has unveiled it’s product or android mobile which is from ‘HTC-One’ family. Beautiful and powerful smartphone yet, the HTC-One-M9. The newest flagship in the globally acclaimed HTC-One family, the HTC-One-M9 is a classic yet timeless celebration of beauty and elegance that combines high style and performance, enabling you to get the most from your mobile phone.



Life has no limits, and when your adventurous side takes you into the unknown, an IP68 water resistant Active Case and Active Headset means that your phone can boldly follow wherever the action takes you, keeping up with the pace of the most epic adventures.


For a standout look, the HTC One M9 will be available with a range of unique and customize-able accessories including the second generation HTC Dot View case, which adds more retro personalization thanks to a host of new features and color options. A transparent back keeps your smartphone pristine without hiding it from the world with the case injecting fun into even the most tedious commute by transforming into a mini games arcade.

See The Difference

HTC’s unique combination of HTC Boom Sound, Dolby Audio, a finely tuned sound profile, and Qual-comm Immersive Audio gives all of your music and movies an unmistakable HTC One M9 flavor. The HTC One M9 guarantees a larger-than-life soundtrack courtesy of HTC Boom Sound. The HTC One family’s iconic dual front-facing speakers, now combined with 5.1 channel Dolby Surround sound 3 simulation, get you even closer to the action, delivering extraordinary, cinema-style surround sound. Uniting HTC Boom Sound and Dolby Audio creates immersion vibrant audio experience, so you can enjoy movies with rich, clear and powerful sound even without connecting headphones or external speakers.

The best moments take you by surprise and spontaneity often doesn’t come fully lit. The ultimate companion of the impulsive snapper, the HTC One M9 addresses low-light shots with a powerful Ultra-Pixel  front-facing camera. Dynamic auto exposure and Ultra-Pixels that capture 300% more light than standard cameras deliver sharper, more natural and balanced self-portraits in any lighting conditions.

HTC-One has done it again with the few flaws and optimum features and performance. With 4K resolution it is coming towards to you. Get ready for entertainment.

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