Uber Unveiled A Totally Redesigned & Streamlined Version Of Its App

Posted on Mar 15 2017 - 3:30pm by David Gregorio

Uber has just added some new features for all of its users. With the hopes of bringing more than just an app that brings people from point A to B, Uber announced two new features that will further personalize the rider experience. The first one is the custom Snapchat filters and the second one is the friend locator.

For many, rides are often uneventful experiences in which you simply get into a car and fiddle with your phone to distract you while you’re getting from point A to B. But Uber wants you to spend more time in its app while en route to your destination. Some of earliest implementations include enabling you to order food through Uber Eats before you get home and making it possible to access exclusive content for the latest Star Wars movie. Now Snapchat is being added into the mix.


Uber’s Snapchat filters

The Snapchat filter only works when you’re in the vehicle en route to your destination. Swipe up to show the Uber’s new ‘feed,’ and you will see a prompt to unlock several new Snapchat filters. That redirects you to Snapchat, where app will ask whether you want to unlock the filter for a short duration. The idea here is that you will only be able to use Uber’s Snapchat filters when you’re in an Uber vehicle.

In order to use a friend as a destination, Uber requires theperson to agree to share their location with Uber. This may also raise privacy questions, especially among non-Uber users, who’ll receive request as a text message rather than a push notification. Of course if they object, they can decline to share their location.

Uber isn’t the first ride-sharing company to see the Snapchat as a way to solidify its cred among millennials. Lyft has been partnering with the Snapchat celebrities for months to promote exclusive discounts and also free rides. The company even gave Kylie Jenner a year’s worth of free rides after the reality TV star was suspended from Uber, in the hopes she’d promote Lyft to her millions of Snapchat followers — which she did.

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