TomTom Multi Sport Cardio – Rate Your Pulse

Posted on Aug 2 2015 - 7:51am by Brian Williams

The Multi sport cardio watch is now easily be bought and it has become popular because of its features and heart rate tracking abilities, which more handy to use and get info from it. A year later and TomTom is refreshing its watches with the new “Cardio” versions, which bring all the familiar specialties of the first two but with one big added extra a built-in heart rate monitor.


The Multi-Sport throws in added features for tracking cycling and swimming. As a cycling device it works well, and can even be synced with TomTom’s wheel mounted cadence tracker.

Build Quality

On the plus side, the unit sits on the desk upright so you can see charging progress easily, although you cannot operate the watch while it is connected. The main watch unit is now held in a lot more securely so it will no longer slip out unless you apply a fair bit of pressure. As you have probably guessed from the photo, TomTom has not gone for anything radically new in design. This plugs into a size-able charging sled with an inbuilt USB cable, which you will be carrying around a lot, and this again dates the tech here many challengers now have a sled with microUSB plug to minimize the number of cables you’re dragging around, and this system also reduces the likelihood of cable failure as it twists around the base of the charger.

Additional Characteristics

It is too large to be worn in general social situations anyway, and it is a very good running watch without diluting itself with other junk. Another major plus point of the TomTom is that it does not try and do anything else all other sports have been stripped out in favor of the running.


The heart rate monitor is accurate enough, kept in the optimum position by the broad strap. The watch is comfortable in use and prices have dropped considerably from the TomTom’s launch.

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