TCL Unveiled BlackBerry Keyone Smartphone With Physical Keyboard

Posted on Feb 26 2017 - 11:42am by Brian Williams

TCL – Chinese Electronic company has unveiled its first BlackBerry-licensed smartphone, the BlackBerry Keyone that’s brings back the device’s signature physical keyboard as it seeks to revive the once mighty brand.

The BlackBerry Keyone smartphone has a larger screen than compared to the previous BlackBerry devices and a fast charging battery as TCL sets its sights on businesses and tries rekindle BlackBerry’s strong reputation for productivity and security.


The phone combines a touch display with a physical keyboard, which giver users more useable space for typing than a typical 5.5 inch all-touch smartphone, along with BlackBerry Ltd’s security and software, TCL said.

BlackBerry worked closely with TCL to make security into the new smartphone. And TCL cut the new brand-licensing deal in Decemeber with BlackBerry company. The BlackBerry Ltd now focuses on manufacturing the security software, which was another key factor underpinning the Canadian company’s phenomenal success in the pre-smartphone era and sustained it with corporate users as the world moved on the mobile phones with other features.

During the agreement, BlackBerry will remain in control of software and security on devices, while TCL will handle creating handsets powered by the Google Android system.

Official form both firms unveiled the BlackBerry Keyone in Barcelona held in Spain ahead of the start on Monday of the four-day Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest annual smartphone expo.

“The new BlackBerry portfolio has a chance of success, because few companies now offer BlackBerry style design and features, and the productivity-focused smartphone segment is undeserved,” said Ian Fogg, Head of Mobile at Research firm HIS.

“Even if BalckBerry’s smartphone share remains so low it is hard to quantify, the vast scale of the smartphone market – over 1.5 billion units will ship in 2017, means even a tiny share would represent significant unit volumes and revenues,” he added.

The BlackBerry Keyone Smartphone will begin shipping in April around the globe and priced at 599 euros ($549). We have no words about further specs and features of the smartphone so we have to wait for the Mobile World Congress, where the company will announce the specification of the phone.

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