Sony’s SF-G series SD cards are the fastest ever created

Posted on Jul 29 2017 - 8:14pm by David Gregorio

Sony has recently announced that its latest SF-G series SD card equipped with more advantageous functions which are specifically designed for DSLR camera customers, photographers and videographers. While that point comes, Sony said they ‘might be the world’s fastest SD cards.’ Boasting a maximum write pace of 299 MB/s, that declare is right on factor.

Sony claims this sort of speedy write pace maximises the overall performance of the digital imaging tool, which in flip gives longer shooting of excessive-decision snap shots. It also gives a shorter buffer clearing time.

The cards (available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB sizes) also have a barely better pinnacle examine pace of three hundred MB/s. pace is a concern, so the cards also guide the united states of americaII interface, which adds a 2nd row of connecting pins to the card for accelerated switch fees on well suited hardware. greater than any card earlier than it, the SF-G collection can be capable of handle quick-capturing cameras easily, as well as shooting 4K video and different technically disturbing uses.

“The quick write speed supports maximum performance of digital imaging devices, contributing to longer continuous shooting of high-resolution images with UHS-II supporting cameras,” the Sony announcement reads. “It also contributes to a shorter buffer clearing time so users never miss a critical moment.”

To absolutely take benefit of the remarkable pace, Sony also discovered that it will provide a specialized card reader so users can fast transfer files to and from their computer systems. The SF-G collection will take properly care of your documents, too. further to being like minded with Sony’s report rescue software, these SD’s also are water resistant, temperature resistant, shockproof and X-Ray evidence.

Sony has yet to announce the pricing for those cards, however the 32GB model of the aforementioned SanDisk card sells for about $60. The SF-G cards are technically advanced, although, so assume them to retail for a bit extra than that.

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