PHOS home cinema projector complements to any sleek interior decoration style

Posted on Nov 10 2018 - 7:33pm by David Gregorio

Projection tech gives awesome promise for the prevailing and future of home amusement, so the conceptual ‘PHOS’ projector by Jacpro Mauro identifies how equipment for the technique can be made with a focus on style. Created by way of the Italy based fashion designer for placement in any dwelling room or home area, the projector is held in region with a marble-weighted base body that allows customers to trade the placement of the projection. The device also can be spun upward to hide the projector in plain sight while now not in use to in addition accommodate growing consumer preferences for minimalist decor.

The conceptual ‘PHOS’ projector brings a premium look and feel to the equipment that could easily be mistaken for a futuristic sculpture when placed in a modern living space.


Jacopo Mauro, an Italian product fashion designer got here up with the idea home theater projector named PHOS. As we can see from the pix, the projector suggests off a minimalistic and stylish look layout, and the matte metallic finish artistically blends with the rounded marble-like base for a highly-priced and top rate sense. In the meantime, the compact form issue allows you to effortlessly installation it in any room of your home. The usage of an integrated frame, you could effortlessly set the best projector angle.

Furthermore, the house cinema projector comes with a clever base that offers Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity, and more than one interfaces. All you need to do is simply area the projector on the base to apply the stressed out and wired-free connection. After the wreck, check out the following images about the idea projector.

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