Olympus FD-1 Diffuser Accessory Helps TG-4 Camera

Posted on Jun 25 2016 - 11:59pm by David Gregorio

Olympus unveiled new FD-1 diffuser accessory for the Stylus TG-4 to improve flash illumination for better macro pictures. The Flash Diffuser promises to deliver better macro pictures and with an extensive number of new and improved features, the firmware upgrade significantly redefines and broadens its imaging capabilities.

It features light intensity adjustment lever along with high and low settings. Light is projected outside the lens through a ring while being diffused by the FD-1 at range of 0.8-11.8 inches illumination distance. The diffuser is made for use with TG-4 camera and also compatible with TG-1, TG-2, and TG-3, some features are not fully supported.

FD-1 for Stylus TG-4 Tough

It can also be used for creative shots not achievable by SLRs, like, keeping subjects bright underwater or keeping the background dark for an atmospheric shot. Because the FD-1 is fully equipped with a light output switching lever, you can adjust the lighting output in approximately 1.4 steps to match the shooting conditions.

The new FD-1 Flash Diffuser is set to create an attractive illumination for the macro photography of nature subjects and the small objects, by improving the light quality of the camera’s built-in flash. The accessory helps TG-4 camera users capture better, more attractive macro flash pictures by eliminating the typically grating appearance of direct flash illumination.

The FD-1 efficiently diffuses the light from the camera’s built-in flash for lighting during macro photography, perfect for capturing moving subjects up close and for shooting underwater macro. Its improved light distribution darkens the background to make subjects stand out.

Microscope mode exposure program is optimized for the new FD-1, and a low ISO sensitivity is automatically set for high image quality results with low noise, when flash is used. This Olympus FD-1 Flash Diffuser comes with 12 months Genuine Warranty with Olympus Australia.

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