Incredibly Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Phone and Phone Bill

Posted on Feb 10 2015 - 5:57am by admin

Almost everyone has a cell phone now, but it seems like you always have to have the latest one. Not everyone can afford to get an expensive contract phone or buy a brand new smartphone at full-price. So what can you do if you’re short on cash? Having a phone on you at all times can be a lifesaver, and it’s ideal for keeping in touch with friends and family. Luckily, if you can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on your phone, there are ways that you can make savings. You shouldn’t be deprived of a phone just because an iPhone is a little out of your price range. Try these things to make sure that you’re always able to stay in touch with the people who matter.

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Choose Between a Landline and Cell Phone

Many people find that they no longer use the landline phone that they have at home. Their cell phone does everything that they need it to do, and it’s portable to boot. On the other hand, some people choose not  to have a cell phone and are happy to use their landline instead. It’s very likely that you don’t need both, and many people opt to go without one or the other. There are pros and cons to getting rid of each of them. For example, a cell phone can go with you wherever you go, and will always be with you in an emergency. On the other hand, it cannot be traced accurately by emergency services, whereas a landline can. Consider whether you can give one of them up to save money.

Check Out the Lifeline Program

If you’re a family on a lower income, you might be able to benefit from a government benefits program called Lifeline. This service helps ensure that low-income individuals and families always have access to phone services. You can read all about it through the articles by Issa Asad on CBS Miami. The initiative can be lifesaving in the right circumstances, giving each household who qualifies free service on one landline or wireless phone. It allows them to contact the emergency services and stay in touch with friends and family, affording them greater peace of mind.

Stick to Cheaper Phones

Everyone might have the latest iPhone, Samsung or Blackberry, but that doesn’t mean that you need it too. If you just want a phone for emergencies, or even for texting and calling your friends and family, you don’t need a smartphone. Although it’s a convenient luxury, you don’t need one for the basic functions of a cell phone. Smartphones will allow you to use the internet, play games and use other apps, but they’re probably not necessary for your survival.

Cut Down on Your Usage

The less you use your phone, the less your bill will be. Cutting down on your landline usage is easy, but cell phones are more complicated. There’s calls, texts, internet usage, app downloads and more. But you can reign all of these in by using alternatives. Only download free apps, for example, use a messaging app instead of SMS and connect to WiFi whenever it’s available to avoid using your data.

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