How Mobile Technology Is Transforming The World Around Us

Posted on May 31 2016 - 2:19pm by admin

A ‘mobile’ is a device that has wireless connectivity and can be used to perform a variety of tasks. The task may include sending out emails, searching for contacts, browsing the internet, exchanging instant messages among a variety of other tasks. However, ‘mobiles’ weren’t always able to perform all these extensive functions. Like all pieces of technology, mobiles had a humble beginning; they were big in size and performed relatively fewer functions. Not just this but they also cost a lot more than they do today -Don’t we all remember the huge data rates that service providers charged us in those early days?

Rise of Mobile Technology

With the constantly changing landscape, it seems as if there is no stopping the take-over of mobile technology. Wireless and high-speed low cost connectivity solutions have transformed our lives and the era of smartphones has basically converted our mobile phones into mini computers that can perform almost just as many functions despite their smaller size.

The data that we are receiving is staggering – there was an approximately 70% growth in the data traffic in just the single year 2014. Today, the cost to connect is far, far lower than what it used to be a decade ago. Not just this, but there has been a huge explosion of mobile phone sales all over the globe. This is also due to the fact that the costs are going exponentially down. Not just this but modern day smartphones are proving to be much more popular and are providing ease of access that is making life easier for the users.

Phones are not the only mobile devices – we also have tablets. A number of manufacturers are producing tablets that have higher degrees of functionality than the phone but are just as portable. Samsung, Apple and even Microsoft have ventured into this area of technology and while it still hasn’t achieved the kind of popularity that phones reached, we can say that the day is not far off when tablets will be considered just as important as one’s mobile phone.

A lot of mobile users are taking advantage of other connectivity mediums rather than their service providers’ data. Technologies like Wi-Fi allow users to perform the same functions without having their movement restricted.

For the future, there is a lot of excitement. The web 3.0 concept is taking root and it is likely to effect the mobile platform as well. The world is moving towards making online platforms more efficient and removing excess layers. If this can be achieved for the mobiles, it would make mobile computing the most important aspect of technology in the coming times.

Not just this, but developers and industry leaders are already considering the compatibility issues across platforms. There have been attempts to make apps unified for all platforms, with same functionality and interfaces. With this effort, the little difference between platforms will be eliminated thereby paving the way for unified tech platforms that transcend traditional restrictions on usage as we know it.

Mobile technology, it seems, will not just be limited to phones or tablets but will also shift to other novel wearable devices such as glasses, hats and other items. This wearable technology will be integrated with the internet to gain maximum utility. Right now, the focus of the tech world is in bridging the gaps between mobile and other platforms and to make the experience identical for all.

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    Mobile is a gadget that has remote network and can be utilized to play out an assortment of errands. Telephones are not by any means the only cell phones. We additionally have tablets. Various makers are creating tablets that have higher degrees of usefulness than the telephone.