Elgato Eve Room Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor interacts with other smart home devices

Posted on Nov 28 2018 - 4:07pm by David Gregorio

Eve has opened preorders for the Eve Room 2 HomeKit air first-quality monitor, with a brand new and advanced design along with an e-ink display and included rechargeable battery.

Eve Room was one of the first and most popular air quality sensors to support Apple’s HomeKit platform, and the second generation model has stepped forward notably.

Elgato Eve Room Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor Design

The large, white plastic exterior has been changed with the smaller brushed aluminum one. There’s additionally a new E-ink display to look values while not having to ask Siri or dig into the home app. Users can track humidity, temperature, in addition to air quality —the same metrics observed in the first generation.

A brand new included lithium-ion solution is used in preference to AA within the predecessor, so one can power it for up to six weeks. At that factor, Eve Room 2 goes into low power mode where it best tracks temperature and humidity until the next recharge.


Elgato Eve Room Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor Features

The Eve Room 2 is one of the first product of the newly rebranded Eve system after it separated from gaming brand Elgato back in June. In contrast to the previous Room, the Room 2 features a touchscreen show which can display its readings for air quality (measured in unstable natural compounds), temperature and humidity.

You can additionally check on its readings through the app or you can ask Apple’s digital assistant Siri to your iPhone or Apple HomePod smart speaker. Higher yet, the Eve Room 2 helps HomeKit’s automations, so that you can have your well matched smart lighting fixtures flash if air nice receives too low or regulate your smart thermostat if the temp rises.

Elgato Eve Room Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor Price

Eve System’s followup to the Eve Room HomeKit sensor is available for preorder starting on Monday, with full availability at retail starting next week. The unit retails directly from Eve or from Amazon for $99.95.

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