All Of Raumfeld’s Speakers Now Support Chromecast

Posted on Feb 27 2017 - 7:15pm by David Gregorio

Raumfeld, a german audio firm is known for making some nice (and expensive) speakers with support for streaming services like Tidal and Spotify. Starting today, those speakers also support Chromecast. The update is just rolling out to all of Raumfeld’s WiFi speakers this very day.

Following which, the Raumfeld speaker will be able to make use of all the Chromecast features, including ability to stream content from more than 100 music services. While the most Chromecast users will already be well-versed in the casting process, if you’re new to Chromecast and own an Raumfeld speaker, then access the new support, simply open up any Chromecast-supported app and hit the Cast icon. At which point (presuming the update has been applied) any and all the Raumfeld speakers nearby should show up on the available list and accept the connection, once tapped.

Raumfeld speakers

Raumfeld speakers

Most of the speakers with built-in Chromecast support are on the expensive side, and Raumfeld’s are no exception. Its smallest single speaker is $200, and the next step up is $500. Raumfeld’s large tower stereo speakers will run you a whopping $1,900. There’re a few other variants sprinkled in there as well. You can see all them on Raumfeld’s product page.

The addition of Google Cast comes almost a year after its original announcement at the CES 2016, where it was initially planned for a spring release. With the today’s update, Google Cast joins the existing Tidal,, TuneIn, and Spotify Connect options already offered on the Raumfeld’s devices. Furthermore, through the Cast, Raumfeld’s speakers have gained a wealth of new compatibility options with streaming service apps, something that typically has been the company’s biggest weaknesses when compared to its competitor, Sonos (who still dominates the wireless multi-room speaker market).

The Google Cast update is available on any current Raumfeld speakers. And existing speakers will need to be updated to the latest software using the Raumfeld app for Android or iOS.

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