5 Killer Home Apps For iOS

Posted on Aug 11 2014 - 7:22pm by admin

If you are into home décor, want to sell your home or just want things around the house to run well then there is an app for that. In the modern world, there is an app for just about everything that you can imagine. From apps that help you to design your home interior to apps that help you bring up your children. Anything that you need to do can be easier with a little help from an app on your phone or tablet. Here are five killer home apps that will make being a homeowner easier and (sometimes) more fun.

5 Killer Home Apps For iOSRemodelista

Remodelista is your personal home décor magazine in the form of an app. If you are the sort of person who gets obsessed by all things interior design then, this is the app for you. With photographs of beautiful abodes and articles about design inspiration, the app is ideal. Many people use the app to help them when they are redesigning their home. You can also browse the app when you’re bored though, and find new home inspiration tips.


The HomeRoutines app is quite a lot like the Reminder app you already have on your iPhone or iPad. The difference is that this app is just for household routines that you repeat every day or every week. You can set up the app to send you daily, weekly or monthly reminders about certain tasks. You might want to set up the app to send you reminders about doing the laundry or cleaning the bathroom. These small tasks are the ones people usually put off. Having the app remind you will mean you’re more likely to stay on top of boring chores.


When you’re looking into buying a new home, Crumb Tracks is your personal assistant. You can use the app to take photos and videos of all the homes you view. You can also annotate the media, meaning that you can look over your notes later, when you are deciding on which home to buy. The system has proved popular with new home buyers. In fact, estate agents in Burton upon Trent have noted that around one in three buyers now use the app.


iFixIt is a repair manual that you can keep on your phone or tablet. The system works when people upload their tips and suggestions of how to fix certain household items. The app means that DIY experts around the world can all chip in and show off their skill set. By downloading the app, you have all the knowledge you need to repair items in your home at the click of a button. The app also has some handy insider tips on how to make things last long and prevent items from breaking in the first place. If you fancy yourself as something of a DIY fanatic then, you can even upload your tips to the app for others to read.


If you find it difficult to visualise things when making home improvements then MagicPlan is the app for you. The app allows you to measure your room with the use of your camera to see whether certain items or fixtures will fit in the area. The app takes a moment or two to load, so you should prepare yourself for a short wait. Once it kicks in, though the app is an amazing home improvement tool. No longer will you need to mess about with measuring tapes. Using the app also means that you will know in advance whether a new piece of furniture will make your living room look smaller or not.

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